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New Physics Searches with $b\to s\ell^+\ell^-$ Transitions and Rare Decays at LHCb / De Bruyn, Kristof Antoon M ((CPPM, Aix-Marseille Universite, CNRS/IN2P3, Marseille, France))
Several tensions between the experimental measurements and their Standard Model predictions have been observed in rare $B$ meson decays mediated by $b\to s\ell^+\ell^-$ transitions. To understand the nature of these discrepancies, the LHCb experiment is extending its previously reported studies with additional observables and decay modes. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-020; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-020.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 8. Fulltext: PDF;
In : XXXI Rencontres de Physique de La Vallée d'Aoste, La Thuile, Vallée D'aoste, Ita, 5 - 11 Mar 2017

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Lepton Flavour Violation in Tau Decays: Results and Prospects at the LHC
In this report, searches for the lepton flavour violating decays $\tau^-\to\mu^-\mu^+\mu^-$, $Z^0\to\tau^{\pm}\mu^{\mp}$ and $D^0\to e^{\pm}\mu^{\mp}$ are presented, using proton--proton collision data recorded by the LHC experiments during 2011 and 2012. The ATLAS experiment puts an upper limit on $\mathcal{B}(\tau^-\to\mu^-\mu^+\mu^-) < 3.76 \times 10^{-7}$ at $90\%$ confidence level, and on $\mathcal{B}(Z^0\to\tau^{\pm}\mu^{\mp}) < 1.69 \times 10^{-5}$ at $95\%$ confidence level, based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $20.3\:fb^{-1}$. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-019; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-019.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 4. Fulltext: PDF;
In : The 14th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics (Tau2016), Beijing, China, 18 - 23 Sep 2016

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Tests of Lepton Universality at LHCb / De Bruyn, Kristof Antoon M (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Universit ́e, CNRS/IN2P3, Marseille, France)
In this report, measurements of the ratios of branching fractions $R_K = \mathcal{B}(B^+\to K^+\mu^+\mu^-)/\mathcal{B}(B^+\to K^+e^+e^-)$ and $R(D^*) = \mathcal{B}(\bar B^0\to D^{*+}\tau^-\bar \nu_{\tau})/\mathcal{B}(\bar B^0\to D^{*+}\mu^-\bar \nu_{\mu})$, as well as preliminary upper limits on the $B_{(s)}^0\to\tau^+\tau^-$ branching fractions are presented, using proton-proton collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $3.0 \text{fb}^{-1}$ recorded by the LHCb experiment during 2011 and 2012. The value of $R_K$ is measured to be $0.745^{+0.090}_{-0.074}\:(\mathrm{stat}) \pm 0.036\:(\mathrm{syst})$, $R(D^*)$ equals $0.336 \pm 0.027\:(\mathrm{stat}) \pm 0.030\:(\mathrm{syst})$, and at $95\%$ confidence level $\mathcal{B}(B_s^0\to\tau^+\tau^-) < 3.0\times 10^{-3}$ and $\mathcal{B}(B^0\to\tau^+\tau^-) < 1.3\times 10^{-3}$. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-018; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-018.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 4. Fulltext: PDF;
In : The 14th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics (Tau2016), Beijing, China, 18 - 23 Sep 2016

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LHCb results on penta(tetra)-quark search / Kucharczyk, Marcin (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))
The LHCb experiment is designed to study the properties and decays of heavy flavored hadrons produced in $pp$ collisions at the LHC. The data collected in the LHC Run I enables precision spec- troscopy studies of beauty and charm hadrons. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-017; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-017.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 8. Fulltext: PDF;
In : Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon, Kyoto, Japan, 25 - 30 Jul 2016

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Results from LHCb in charmless baryonic $B$ meson decays / Rodrigues, Eduardo (University of Cincinnati (US))
A review of the latest analyses from the LHCb experiment on charmless baryonic $B$-meson decays is presented. Emphasis is given on the first observation of a baryonic decay of the $B^0_s$ meson, namely the decay mode $B^0_s \to p \bar \Lambda K^-$. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-016; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-016.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 7. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 9th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, Mumbai, India, 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2016

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Status of New Physics searches with $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-$ transitions @ LHCb / Bifani, Simone (University of Birmingham (GB))
Rare decays of heavy-flavoured particles provide an ideal laboratory to look for deviations from the Standard Model, and explore energy regimes beyond the LHC reach. Decays proceeding via electroweak penguin diagrams are excellent probes to search for New Physics, and $b \to s \ell^+ \ell^-$processes are particularly interesting since they give access to many observables such as branching fractions, asymmetries and angular observables. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-015; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-015.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 6. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 52nd Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, La Thuile, Italy, 18 - 25 Mar 2017

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The branching fraction and effective lifetime of $B_{(s)}^{0} \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-$ at LHCb with Run 1 and Run 2 data / Mulder, Mick (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
After Run 1 of the LHC, global fits to $b \rightarrow s \ell \ell$ observables show a deviation from the Standard Model (SM) with a significance of $\sim$ 4 standard devations. An example of a $b \rightarrow s \ell \ell$ process is the decay of a $B_{s}^0$ meson into two muons ($B_{s}^0 \rightarrow \mu^+ \mu-$) [...]
LHCB-PROC-2017-014; CERN-LHCB-PROC-2017-014; arXiv:1705.03274; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-014.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 4. Fulltext: LHCb-PROC-2017-014 - PDF; arXiv:1705.03274 - PDF;
In : 52nd Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, La Thuile, Italy, 18 - 25 Mar 2017

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Machine learning and parallelism in the reconstruction of LHCb and its upgrade / Stahl, Marian (Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg (DE))
After a highly successful first data taking period at the LHC, the LHCb experiment developed a new trigger strategy with a real-time reconstruction, alignment and calibration for Run II. This strategy relies on offline-like track reconstruction in the high level trigger, making a separate offline event reconstruction unnecessary. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-013; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-013.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 8. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 22nd International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, CHEP 2016, San Francisco, Usa, 10 - 14 Oct 2016

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Production measurements at LHCb / Rachwal, Bartlomiej (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL))
The $\text{LHC}b$ detector, with its excellent momentum resolution and flexible trigger strategy, is ideally suited for measuring heavy quark and quarkonia production properties. In addition, the new system of forward shower counters installed upstream and downstream has begun to be used, therefore the experiment is being suited to measure central exclusive production. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-012; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-012.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 10. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 23rd Cracow Epiphany Conference on Particle Theory Meets the First Data from LHC Run 2, Cracow, Poland, 9 - 12 Jan 2017

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Development and test of the $\rm CO_2$ evaporative cooling system for the LHCb UT Tracker Upgrade / Coelli, Simone (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))
Abstract: The LHCb upgrade requires a new silicon strip tracker detector placed between the vertex locator and the magnet. The new detector will have improved performance in charged particle tracking and triggering. [...]
LHCb-PROC-2017-011; CERN-LHCb-PROC-2017-011.- Geneva : CERN, 2017 - 12. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 14th Topical Seminar on Innovative Particle and Radiation Detectors , Siena, Italy, 3 - 6 Oct 2016

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