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Characterisation of Medipix3 Silicon Detectors in a Charged-Particle Beam / Carvalho Akiba, Kazu (Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro (BR)) ; Alozy, Jerome Alexandre (CERN) ; Aoude, Jadallah (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ; van Beuzekom, Martinus (Nikhef National Institute for Subatomic Physics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ; Buytaert, Jan (CERN) ; Collins, Paula (CERN) ; Dosil Suarez, Alvaro (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)) ; Dumps, Raphael (CERN) ; Gallas Torreira, Abraham Antonio (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)) ; Hombach, Christoph (University of Manchester (GB)) et al.
While designed primarily for X-ray imaging applications, the Medipix3 ASIC can also be used for charged-particle tracking. In this work, results from a beam test at the CERN SPS with irradiated and non-irradiated sensors are presented and shown to be in agreement with simulation, demonstrating the suitability of the Medipix3 ASIC as a tool for characterising pixel sensors..
LHCb-PUB-2016-002; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2016-002.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 - 16. Fulltext: PDF;

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Irradiation of a 2.5 m long SciFi module with 24 GeV/c protons to the dose profile expected in LHCb / Rodrigues Cavalcante, Ana Barbara (CBPF - Brazilian Center for Physics Research (BR)) ; Gavardi, Laura (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE)) ; Glaser, Maurice (CERN) ; Joram, Christian (CERN) ; Karacson, Matthias (CERN) ; Kristic, Robert (CERN)
LHCb-PUB-2016-001; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2016-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2015

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Lifetime unbiased beauty and charm triggers at LHCb / Kenzie, Matthew William (CERN)
This note describes the use of lifetime unbiased triggers, used for the first time, in LHCb’s High Level Trigger, intended for use during Run 2 of the LHC..
LHCb-PUB-2015-026; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-026.- Geneva : CERN, 2015

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LHCb Scintillating Fibre Tracker: Test Beam Report 2015 / Leverington, Blake Dean (Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg (DE))
LHCb Scintillating Fibre Tracker: Test Beam Report 2015
LHCb-PUB-2015-025; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-025.- Geneva : CERN, 2015

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VeloTT tracking algorithm: optimization for run II / Bowen, Espen Eie (Universitaet Zuerich (CH)) ; Storaci, Barbara (Universitaet Zuerich (CH)) ; Tresch, Marco (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))
This note describes track reconstruction in the LHCb tracking system upstream of the magnet, namely the VELO and TT sub-detectors. The implementation of the VeloTT algorithm and its performance in terms of track reconstruction efficiency, ghost rate and execution time per event are presented. [...]
LHCb-PUB-2015-024; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-024; LHCb-INT-2014-040.- Geneva : CERN, 2015

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Measurement of the front-end dead-time of the LHCb muon detector and evaluation of its contribution to the muon detection inefficiency. / Penso, Gianni (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) ; Pinci, Davide (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) ; Martellotti, Giuseppe (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT))
A method is described which allows to deduce the dead-time of the front-end electronics of the LHCb muon detector from a series of measurements performed at different luminosities at a bunch-crossing rate of 20~MHz. The measured values of the dead-time range from $\sim 70$~ns to $\sim 100$~ns. [...]
LHCb-PUB-2015-023; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-023.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 14. Fulltext: PDF;

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A Study of the Merits of Precision Time Protocol (IEEE-1588) Across High-Speed Data Networks / Oliver, David (CERN) ; Otto, Adam Jedrzej (Ministere des affaires etrangeres et europeennes (FR)) ; Neufeld, Niko (CERN)
By using Precision Time Protocol across high-speed data networks, it is possible to achieve good time synchronisation without requiring the use of custom switches. Even under heavy network loads, the attainable precision far exceeds that which is possible with Network Time Protocol, and is sufficient for many applications. [...]
LHCb-PUB-2015-022; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-022.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 9. Fulltext: PDF;

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LHCb GPU Acceleration Project / Badalov, Alexey (University of Barcelona (ES)) ; Campora Perez, Daniel Hugo (CERN) ; Neufeld, Niko (CERN) ; Vilasis Cardona, Xavier (University of Barcelona (ES))
The LHCb detector is due to be upgraded for processing high-luminosity collisions, which will increase the load on its computation infrastructure from 100 GB/s to 4 TB/s, encouraging us to look for new ways of accelerating the Online reconstruction. The Coprocessor Manager is our new framework for integrating LHCb’s existing computation pipelines with massively parallel algorithms running on GPUs and other accelerators. [...]
LHCb-PUB-2015-021; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-021.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 Fulltext: PDF;

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Exploring improvements to the LHCb ELOG electronic logbook / Leung, Philip (CERN) ; Neufeld, Niko (CERN)
ELOG, the electronic logbook used by LHCb, has been suffering from poor accessibility and slow performance. Investigating revealed that a combination of inefficient searches, caused mainly by frequent reads of files stored in NFS, and an inability for the server to handle concurrent operations were rendering the service unusable for up to a minute when users performed search or sort operations. [...]
LHCb-PUB-2015-020; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-020.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 14. Fulltext: PDF;

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LHCb Computing Resource usage in 2015 (I) / Bozzi, Concezio (Universita di Ferrara (IT))
This documents summarizes the usage of computing resources by the LHCb collaboration during the period January 1st- aUGUST 25th 2015
LHCb-PUB-2015-019; CERN-LHCb-PUB-2015-019.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 27. Fulltext: PDF;

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