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Po Superconducting Magnet:detail of the windings

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The Po superconducting dipole was built as a prototype beam transport magnet for the SPS extracted proton beam Po. Its main features were: coil aperture 72 mm, length 5 m, room-temperature yoke, NbTi cable conductor impregnated with solder, nominal field 4.2 T at 4.7 K (87% of critical field). It reached its nominal field without any quench. The photo shows a detail of the inner layer winding before superposing the outer layer to form the complete coil of a pole. Worth noticing is the interleaved glass-epoxy sheet (white) with grooved channels for the flow of cooling helium. See also 8307552X.

Date: Nov 1982
Keywords: Superconducting Magnets; Beam transport magnets; SPS

Original ref.: CERN-PHOTO-8211532X

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