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AA under construction

The AA at an early stage of construction, in the newly built AA-Hall. Cable-trays already outline the shape of the accumulator ring. To the right are huge cable-drums for the pulse-forming-network (PFN) of the injection kicker. Seeing this picture, can one imagine that only 8 months later beams were circulating in the completed accumulator ring ?

Original source: Photographic negative
Original dimensions: 10cmx12.5cm
Original reference: 303-11-79
Location: ,
Note: No Comment
(16 Aug 2006,
(01 Nov 2006,
For photos of the AA in different phases of completion (between 1979 and 1982) see: 7911303, 7911597X, 8004261, 8004608X, 8005563X, 8005565X, 8006716X, 8006722X, 8010939X, 8010941X, 8202324, 8202658X, 8203628X . (19 Apr 2007, Image scanned from original photo negative on 04 Apr 2015
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