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Title Correlation between the pionization region and the fragmentation region in high energy proton-proton collisions
Author(s) Albrow, M G ; Bagchus, A ; Barber, D P ; Bogaerts, A ; Bosnjakovic, B ; Brooks, J R ; Clegg, A B ; Erné, F C ; Gee, C N P ; Locke, D H ; Loebinger, F K ; Murphy, P G ; Rudge, A ; Sens, Johannes C
Affiliation (CERN)
In: Phys. Lett. B 44 (1973) 518-20
DOI 10.1016/0370-2693(73)90012-9
Subject category Particle Physics - Phenomenology
Abstract Measurements are reported of two-particle correlations in high energy proton-proton collisions with one particle in the pionization region and the other a proton in the fragmentation region. The correlation function is independent of x of the fragmentation proton for 0.55<or approximately=x<or approximately=0.9 and rises at small x. There is an indication that the correlation is an energy-independent function of x. The measurements for two values of the rapidity of the pionization particle give similar results. (11 refs).

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