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Title Development of non-destructive Young's modulus measurement techniques in non-oriented CeF$_{3}$ crystals
Author(s) Pietroni, P ; Paone, N ; Lebeau, M (CERN) ; Majni, G ; Rinaldi, D
In: Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 537 (2005) 203-206
In: 7th International Conference on Inorganic Scintillators and their Use in Scientific and Industrial Applications, Valencia, Spain, 8 - 12 Sep 2003, pp.203-206
DOI 10.1016/j.nima.2004.08.009
Subject category Detectors and Experimental Techniques
Abstract For a reliable mechanical assembly of scintillating crystals for the application to radiographic systems such as Positron Emission Tomographer (PET) and high-energy physics calorimeters (e.g. in CMS at CERN LHC), the evaluation of the monocrystal elastic constant (Young's modulus) is needed. Its knowledge is also essential in the photoelastic analysis for the determination of residual stresses. In this work non-destructive techniques based on elastic wave propagation are tested. They differ in the mechanical excitation device: instrumented hammer, traditional ultrasonic probes and laser- generated ultrasound. We have analysed three non-oriented cerium fluoride crystal samples produced for scintillation applications. Finally, we have validated the experimental results comparing them with the elastic constant calculated by using the stiffness matrix.

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