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Title Numerical analysis of edge effects in side illuminated strip detectors for digital radiology
Author(s) Krizaj, D ; Amon, S
In: Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 439 , 2-3 (2000) 451-457
Subject category Detectors and Experimental Techniques
Abstract The influence of edge defects on side illuminated X-ray strip detectors for digital radiology is investigated by numerical device modeling. By assuming positive fixed oxide charges on side and top surfaces simulations have shown strong curvature of the equipotential lines in the edge region. A fraction of the edge generated current surpasses the edge guard-ring junction and is collected by the readout strips. As a consequence, strips cannot be placed close to the edge of the structure and collection efficiency is reduced. An n-on-n instead of a p-on-n strip detector is proposed enabling collection of edge generated carriers by a very narrow guard-ring junction and placement of the readout strip close to the edge without increase of the strip leakage current.

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