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Title Influence of annealing temperature on erbium ion electroluminescence in Si : (Er,O) diodes with (111) substrate orientation
Related titleVliyanie temperatury otzhiga na ehlektrolyuminestsentsiyu ionov ehrbiya v Si : (Er,O)-diodakh: diody s orientatsiej podlozhki (111)
Author(s) Sobolev, N A ; Emelyanov, A M ; Nikolaev, Y A
In: Fiz. Teh. Poluprovodn. 35, 10 (2001) pp.1224-1227
Subject category Condensed Matter
Abstract A study has been made of the influence of temperature of the second annealing that promotes formation of optically and electrically active centers o the erbium ion electroluminescence at lambda approx = 1.54 mu m wavelength in (111) Si : (Er,O) diodes. Doping has been performed by implantation of erbium and oxygen ions at 2.0, 1.6 MeV and 0.28, 0.22 MeV energies and 3 x 10 sup 1 sup 4 cm sup - sup 2 and 3 x 10 sup 1 sup 5 cm sup - sup 2 doses, respectively. The room temperature electroluminescence intensity under the breakdown regime increases with increasing annealing temperature from 700 to 950 deg C. After annealing in the range of 975-1100 deg C, erbium electroluminescence under the breakdown regime is not observed due to appearance of microplasmas. The injection electroluminescence intensity at 80 K decreases with increasing temperature from 700 to 1100 deg C

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