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Title Automatic sup sup 1 sup sup 8 F positron source supply system for a monoenergetic positron beam
Author(s) Saito, F ; Suzuki, N ; Itoh, Y ; Goto, A ; Fujiwara, I ; Kurihara, T ; Iwata, R ; Nagashima, Y ; Hyodo, T
In: Radiat. Phys. Chem.
Subject category Condensed Matter
Abstract A system which supplies an intense sup sup 1 sup sup 8 F (half life 110 min) positron source produced by an AVF cyclotron through sup sup 1 sup sup 8 O(p,n) sup sup 1 sup sup 8 F reaction has been constructed. Produced sup sup 1 sup sup 8 F is transferred to a low background experiment hall through a capillary. It is electro-deposited on a graphite rod and used for a source of a slow positron beam. In the meantime the next batch of target sup sup 1 sup sup 8 O water is loaded and proton irradiation proceeds. This system makes it possible to perform continuous positron beam experiments using the 18 F positron source.

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