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Title Development of GaAs Detectors for Physics at the LHC
Author(s) Albertz, Dinstitute ; Chu, Zhonghuainstitute ; Krais, Rinstitute ; Rente, Cinstitute ; Syben, Oinstitute ; Tenbusch, Finstitute ; Toporowsky, Minstitute ; Xiao, Wenjianginstitute ; Cavallini, Ainstitute ; Fiori, Finstitute ; Edwards, Minstitute ; Geppert, Rinstitute ; Goppert, Rinstitute ; Haberla, Cinstitute ; Hornung, M Finstitute ; Irsigler, Rinstitute ; Rogalla, Minstitute ; Beaumont, Sinstitute ; Raine, Cinstitute ; Skillicorn, Iinstitute ; Margelevicius, Jinstitute ; Meshkinis, Sinstitute ; Smetana, Sinstitute ; Jones, Binstitute ; Santana, Jinstitute ; Sloan, Tinstitute ; Zdansky, Kinstitute ; Alexiev, Dinstitute ; Donnelly, I Jinstitute ; Canali, Cinstitute ; Chiossi, Cinstitute ; Nava, Finstitute ; Pavan, Pinstitute ; Kubasta, Jinstitute ; Tomiak, Zinstitute ; Tchmil, Vinstitute ; Tchountonov, Ainstitute ; Tsioupa, Iinstitute ; Dogru, Minstitute ; Gray, Rinstitute ; Hou, Yuqianinstitute ; Manolopoulos, Sinstitute ; Walsh, Sinstitute ; Aizenshtadt, Ginstitute ; Budnitsky, D Linstitute ; Gossen, Ainstitute ; Khludkov, Sinstitute ; Koretskaya, O Binstitute ; Okaevitch, Linstitute ; Potapov, Ainstitute ; Stepanov, V Einstitute ; Tolbanov, Oinstitute ; Tyagev, Ainstitute ; Matulionis, Ainstitute ; Pozela, Jinstitute ; Kavaliauskiene, Ginstitute ; Kazukauskas, Vinstitute ; Kiliulis, Rinstitute ; Rinkevicius, Vinstitute ; Slenys, Sinstitute ; Storasta, J Vinstitute
Experiment RD-8
Institutes See all RD-8 institutes
Approved 07 February 1991
Status Finished
Collaboration GAASWORKS
Accelerator R&D
The aims of the collaboration are to investigate the available material options, performance and limitations of simple pad, pixel and microstrip GaAs detectors for minimum ionising particles with radiation hardness and speed which are competitive with silicon detectors. This new technology was originally developed within our university laboratories but now benefits from increasing industrial interest and collaboration in detector fabrication. Initial steps have also been taken towards the fabrication of GaAs preamplifiers to match the detectors in radiation hardness. The programme of work aims to construct a demonstration detector module for an LHC forward tracker based on GaAs.
Contact: Smith, K M

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