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Title The micro-gap resistive plate chamber
Author(s) Cerron-Zeballos, E ; Hatzifotiadou, D ; Lamas-Valverde, J ; Platner, E D ; Roberts, J ; Williams, M C S ; Zichichi, A
Affiliation (CERN)
Imprint 1999
In: 36th INFN Eloisatron Project Workshop : New Detectors "Ettore Majorana", Erice, Italy, 1 - 7 Nov 1997, pp.370-391
Subject category Detectors and Experimental Techniques
Abstract Previously we have found that the freon C/sub 2/F/sub 5/H has very good properties when used in a resistive plate chamber (RPC) with a single gap of 2 mm. In this paper we report on the performance of a multigap RPC consisting of 4 gaps of 0.8 mm filled with a gas mixture containing this freon. (7 refs).

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