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Reference code CERN-ARCH-LEP-2-21-001
Title Large Electron Positron collider Division, LEP
LEPFEST, 9-11 October 2000
Date(s) 2000-10-10
Abstract VIP Day: LEP Celebration, October, 9th 2000 : program Scientific Programme 10th October : 1st Session "LEP in perspective": The inception of LEP by H. Schopper - The construction of LEP by E. Picasso - The LEP machine by S. Myers. 2nd Session "LEP in operation" : Superconducting cavities: operation by G. Geschonke - LEP energy calibration by J. Wenninger. 3rd Session "LEP experiments": From ideas to reality by G. Wolf - L3 by U. Becker - OPAL by A. Michelini - ALEPH by J. Steinberger - DELPHI by U. Amaldi. 4th Session "LEP in 2000" - OPAL by R.J. Hemmingway - ALEPH- by V. Cerutti - DELPHI by V. Hedberg - L3 by M. Kienzle - Combined Higgs search by T. Junk. Scientific Programme 11th October : 5th Session "LEP & technology" : Precision tracking by L. Foa - Particle identification & calorimetry by O. Ullaland. 6th Session "LEP Physics I" : Heavy flavour physics by P. Roudeau. 7th Session "LEP Physics II" : Getting to 200 GeV by C. Llewellyn-Smith - Higgs searches by R. Barbieri. 8th Session "Closing presentation" : Future particle physics by Wilczek, F A
Report number(s) CERN-LEPC-2000-010
Language(s) English
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  • CERN. Geneva. Large Electron-Positron Collider Division (LEP)
Imprint 9 cm
Source of acquisition Technology Department, TE
Access statusRestricted
Location CERN Archives. Bldg. 61-S-001 - AE601
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