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Title LBNO-DEMO (WA105): a large demonstrator of the Liquid Argon double phase TPC
Author(s) Trzaska, Wladyslaw Henryk (Jyvaskyla U.)
Collaboration WA105
In: PoS PhotoDet2015 (2016) 054
In: 4th International Conference on New Photo-Detectors, Moscow, Russia, 6 - 9 Jul 2015, pp.054
DOI 10.22323/1.252.0054
Subject category Detectors and Experimental Techniques
Accelerator/Facility, Experiment LAGUNA LBNO
Abstract LBNO-DEMO (WA105) is a large demonstrator of the double phase liquid argon TPC intended to develop and test the main elements of the GLACIER-based design for the purpose of scaling it up to the 10–50 kton size needed for Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation studies. The crucial components of the design are: ultra-high argon purity in non-evacuable tank, long drifts, very high drift voltages, large area Micro Pattern Gas Detectors, and cold preamplifiers. The active volume of the demonstrator is 666 m3 (approximately 300t). WA105 is under construction at CERN and will be exposed to charged particle beams (0.5-20 GeV/c) in the North Area in 2018. The data will provide the necessary calibration of the detector performance and benchmark reconstruction algorithms. This project is a crucial milestone for the long baseline neutrino program, including projects like LBNO and DUNE.
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