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Conference title Theoretical Physics to Face the Challenge of LHC : Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School : 97th Session
Related conference title(s) Session XCVII
Date(s), location 1 - 26 Aug 2011, Les Houches, France
Editor(s) Baulieu, Laurent (ed.) ; Benakli, Karim (ed.) ; Douglas, Michael R (ed.) ; Mansoulie, Bruno (ed.) ; Rabinovici, Eliezer (ed.) ; Cugliandolo, Leticia F (ed.)
Imprint Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015
ISBN 9780198727965 (This book at Amazon) (print version)
DOI e-proceedings: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198727965.001.0001
Subject category Particle Physics - Theory
Abstract This book is based on lectures at the Les Houches Summer School held in August 2011 for an audience of advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in particle physics, theoretical physics, and cosmology—areas where new experimental results were on the verge of being discovered at CERN. The school was held during a summer of great anticipation that at any moment contact might be made with the most recent theories of the nature of the fundamental forces and the structure of spacetime. In fact, during the session, the long anticipated discovery of the Higgs particle was announced. The book vividly describes the creative diversity and tension within the community of theoreticians who have split into several components—those doing phenomenology and those dealing with highly theoretical problems—with a few trying to bridge both domains. The theoreticians covered many directions in the theory of elementary particles, from classics such as the supersymmetric Standard Model to very recent ideas such as the relation between black holes, hydrodynamics, and gauge/gravity duality. The experimentalists explained in detail how intensively and precisely the LHC has verified the theoretical predictions of the Standard Model, predictions that were at the frontline of experimental discovery during the 1970s to 1990s, and how the LHC is ready to make new discoveries. They described many of the ingenious and pioneering techniques developed at CERN for the detection and data analysis of billions of billions of proton–proton collisions.

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The Large Hadron Collider (p. 1)
by Evans, Lyndon
The LHC machine: from beam commissioning to operation and future upgrades (p. 35)
by Giovannozzi, Massimo
The LHC detectors and the first CMS data (p. 67)
by Green, Dan
About the identification of signals at LHC (p. 91)
by Mansoulié, Bruno
Introduction to the theory of LHC collisions (p. 107)
by Mangano, Michelangelo L
Supersymmetry (p. 198)
by Giudice, Gian F
Models of electroweak symmetry breaking (p. 273)
by Pomarol, Alex
String phenomenology (p. 289)
by Ibáñez, Luis E
The string landscape and low-energy supersymmetry (p. 315)
by Douglas, Michael R
The description of N=1, d=4 supergravity using twisted supersymmetric fields (p. 339)
by Baulieu, Laurent
High-energy collisions of particles, strings, and branes (p. 397)
by Veneziano, Gabriele

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