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Title Lectures on formally real fields
Book cover
Author(s) Prestel, Alexander
Publication Berlin : Springer, 1984.
Series (Lecture Notes in Mathematics ; 1093)
Subject category Mathematical Physics and Mathematics
Abstract Absolute values and their completions - like the p-adic number fields- play an important role in number theory. Krull's generalization of absolute values to valuations made applications in other branches of mathematics, such as algebraic geometry, possible. In valuation theory, the notion of a completion has to be replaced by that of the so-called Henselization. In this book, the theory of valuations as well as of Henselizations is developed. The presentation is based on the knowledge aquired in a standard graduate course in algebra. The last chapter presents three applications of the general theory -as to Artin's Conjecture on the p-adic number fields- that could not be obtained by the use of absolute values only.
ISBN 9783540138853 (This book at Amazon) (print version)
9783540390930 (This book at Amazon) (electronic version)
DOI ebook: 10.1007/BFb0101548
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