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Title $^{206}$ Po sources for production and release studies relevant for high power spallation targets
Experiment IS589
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Approved 27 November 2013
Status Preparation
Collaboration ISOLDE
Accelerator CERN ISOLDE
Abstract The knowledge of the evaporation behaviour of Po is of essential importance for several scientific and technological applications, like accelerator driven systems (ADS) or the LIEBE project at CERN-ISOLDE. Fundamental investigations on the experimental conditions for the formation of volatile Po species as well as on the chemical composition of the volatile compounds are necessary for a safe operation of such facilities. $^{206}$Po, a mainly $\gamma$- ray-emitting Po isotope with a half-life of 8.8 d, is best suited for model studies, due to the lower radiation hazard compared to the longer-lived $\alpha$-emitting isotopes $^{208-210}$Po as well as the easy-to-measure $\gamma$-ray emission. We propose the production of $^{206}$Po samples in several matrices via the implantation of its precursor $^{210}$Fr into selected metal foils at CERN-ISOLDE. Using these samples, experiments will be carried out at PSI studying the volatilization of Po from different matrices under varying chemical conditions.
Contact: De melo mendonca, T M

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