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Title Self-focusing : Past and Present - Fundamentals and Prospects
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Author(s) Boyd, Robert W ; Lukishova, Svetlana G
Publication Dordrecht : Springer, 2007. - 623 p.
Series (Topics in Applied Physics ; 114)
Subject category Other Fields of Physics
Abstract Self-focusing: Past and Present presents a comprehensive treatment of self-focusing and reviews both theoretical and experimental investigations of self-focusing. It connects the extensive early literature on self-focusing, filamentation, self-trapping, and collapse with more recent studies aimed at issues such as self-focusing of femtosecond pulses, white light generation, and the generation of filaments in air with lengths of more than 10 km. It also describes some modern advances in self-focusing theory including the influence of beam nonparaxiality on self-focusing collapse. In addition, this text reprints three key articles in the field, as well as the paper that describes the first laboratory observation of self-focusing phenomena with photographic evidence. Self-focusing: Past and Present is of interest to scientists and engineers working with lasers and their applications, as well as students, researchers, and laser and eye surgeons.
ISBN 9780387321479 (This book at Amazon) (print version)
9780387347271 (This book at Amazon) (electronic version)
DOI ebook: 10.1007/978-0-387-34727-1

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