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sLHC Project Reports

Optics and layout for the HL-LHC upgrade project with a local crab cavity scheme / De Maria, R (CERN) ; Fartoukh, S (CERN)
This report presents a layout, optics and options for an LHC luminosity upgrade scenario with a local crab cavity scheme and Beta* squeezed down to 15 cm using the ATS scheme..
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0055 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0055.
- 2011. - 20 p.
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Progress Report on SIMULINK Modelling of RF Cavity Control for SPL Extension to LINAC4 Theory and Analysis behind Simulation Results of SPL Model Using I/Q Components in SIMULINK to Date, Including Lorentz Force Effects and Multiple Cavities Driven by Single Feedback Loop / Hernandez, M (CERN) ; Höfle, W (CERN)
In the context of a luminosity upgrade for the LHC within the coming years, works have started on LINAC4 to provide an infrastructure for updating the LHC supplier chain. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0054 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0054.
- 2011. - 125 p.
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Breaching the Phase I Optics Limitations for the HL-LHC / Fartoukh, S (CERN)
This paper scrutinizes the performance goal of the HL-LHC Project and proposes a solution to reach it. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0053 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0053.
- 2011. - 15 p.
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Conceptual SPL RF Main Power Coupler design / Montesinos, Eric (CERN)
While the upgrade plans of the LHC injectors had to be reduced in scope in 2010, the Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL) remains a fundamental element of plans for a possible future neutrino facility. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0052 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0052.
- 2011. - 5 p.
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CERN LINAC4 H- Source and SPL plasma generator RF systems, RF power coupling and impedance measurements / Paoluzzi, M (CERN) ; Haase, M (CERN) ; Marques-Balula, J (CERN) ; Nisbet, D (CERN)
In the LINAC4 H- source and the SPL plasma generator at CERN, the plasma is heated by a 100 kW, 2 MHz RF system. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0051 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0051.
- 2010. - 7 p.
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SLHCV3.0: layout, optics and long term stability / De Maria, R (CERN) ; Fartoukh, S (CERN)
SLHCV3.0 is a proof-of-principle scenario for upgrading the luminosity of the LHC. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0050 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0050.
- 2010. - 42 p.
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Towards the LHC Upgrade using the LHC well-characterized technology / Fartoukh, S (CERN)
This paper presents a new conceptual path towards the LHC Upgrade, which does not necessarily counts on the availability of new technologies (e.g. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0049 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0049.
- 2010. - 26 p.
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A Measurement System for Fast-Pulsed Magnets: A Case Study on Linac4 at CERN / Arpaia, P (Sannio U. ; CERN) ; Buzio, M (CERN) ; Dunkel, O (CERN) ; Giloteaux, D (CERN) ; Gollucio, G (Sannio U. ; CERN)
A new magnetic measurement system for validating and characterizing permanent and fast-pulsed iron-dominated magnets is presented. This system is going to be used on the magnet series tests of the new linear particle accelerator Linac 4 of the Large Handron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to perform a complete field analysis of the entire acceleration line [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0048; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0048.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 5 p. - Published in : 10.1109/IMTC.2010.5488290 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 12th International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Austin, TX, USA, 3 - 6 May 2010

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Eddy Current Modeling and Measuring in Fast-Pulsed Resistive Magnets / Arpaia, P (Sannio U. ; CERN) ; Buzio, M (CERN) ; Gollucio, G (Sannio U. ; CERN) ; Montenero, G (Sannio U. ; CERN)
A method for modeling and measuring electromagnetic transients due to eddy currents in fast-pulsed resistive magnets is proposed. In particular, an equivalent-circuit model and a method for time-domain measurements of eddy currents are presented. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0047; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0047.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 5 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 12th International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Austin, TX, USA, 3 - 6 May 2010

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Electrical and Mechanical Performance of an Enhanced Cable Insulation Scheme for Superconducting Magnets / Fessia, P (CERN) ; Granieri, P (LPHE, Lausanne) ; Luzieux, S (CERN) ; Tommasini, D (CERN) ; Gerardin, A (CERN) ; Guinchard, M (CERN) ; Regis, F (CERN) ; Sgobba, S (CERN) ; Zaghloul, A (CERN)
New polyimide cable insulation schemes improving the cooling of Nb-Ti superconducting coils were recently developed to face the severe heat loads at which the next generation of superconducting accelerator magnets will work. [...]
sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0046 ; CERN-sLHC-PROJECT-Report-0046.
- 2010. - 4 p.
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