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Multi-loop calculations: numerical methods and applications / Borowka, S. (CERN) ; Heinrich, G. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Jahn, S. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Jones, S.P. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Kerner, M. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Schlenk, J. (Durham U., IPPP)
We briefly review numerical methods for calculations beyond one loop and then describe new developments within the method of sector decomposition in more detail. We also discuss applications to two-loop integrals involving several mass scales..
CERN-TH-2017-051; IPPP-17-28; MPP-2017-62; arXiv:1704.03832.- 2017-11-09 - 10 p. - Published in : J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 920 (2017) 012003 Preprint: PDF;

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Where is Particle Physics Going? / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN)
The answer to the question in the title is: in search of new physics beyond the Standard Model, for which there are many motivations, including the likely instability of the electroweak vacuum, dark matter, the origin of matter, the masses of neutrinos, the naturalness of the hierarchy of mass scales, cosmological inflation and the search for quantum gravity [...]
KCL-PH-TH-2017-18 ; CERN-TH-2017-080 ; arXiv:1704.02821.
- 20 p.
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Continuum limit and universality of the Columbia plot / de Forcrand, Philippe (ETH, Zurich (main) ; CERN) ; D'Elia, Massimo (INFN, Pisa ; Pisa U.)
Results on the thermal transition of QCD with 3 degenerate flavors, in the lower-left corner of the Columbia plot, are puzzling. [...]
arXiv:1702.00330 ; CERN-TH-2017-022.
- 7 p.
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pySecDec: a toolbox for the numerical evaluation of multi-scale integrals / Borowka, S. (CERN) ; Heinrich, G. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Jahn, S. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Jones, S.P. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Kerner, M. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Schlenk, J. (Durham U., IPPP) ; Zirke, T. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.)
We present pySecDec, a new version of the program SecDec, which performs the factorisation of dimensionally regulated poles in parametric integrals, and the subsequent numerical evaluation of the finite coefficients. [...]
MPP-2017-42 ; CERN-TH-2017-063 ; IPPP-17-24 ; arXiv:1703.09692.
- 28 p.
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A Worm Algorithm for the Lattice CP(N-1) Model / Rindlisbacher, Tobias (Zurich, ETH) ; de Forcrand, Philippe (Zurich, ETH ; CERN)
The CP(N-1) model in 2D is an interesting toy model for 4D QCD as it possesses confinement, asymptotic freedom and a non-trivial vacuum structure. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-060 ; arXiv:1703.08571.
- 7 p.
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Dark Matter "Transporting" Mechanism Explaining Positron Excesses / Kim, Doojin (CERN) ; Park, Jong-Chul (Chungnam Natl. U.) ; Shin, Seodong (Yonsei U.)
We propose a novel mechanism to explain the positron excesses, which are observed by satellite-based telescopes including PAMELA and AMS-02, in dark matter (DM) scenarios. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-036 ; arXiv:1702.02944.
- 5 p.
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On the Octonionic Self Duality equations of 3-brane Instantons / Floratos, Emmanuel (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr. ; Athens, U. ; CERN) ; Leontaris, George K. (CERN ; Ioannina U.)
We study the octonionic selfduality equations for $p=3$-branes in the light cone gauge and we construct explicitly, instanton solutions for spherical and toroidal topologies in various flat spacetime dimensions $(D=5+1,7+1,8+1,9+1)$, extending previous results for $p=2$ membranes. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-045 ; arXiv:1702.08063.
- 15 p.
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Topics in Higgs Physics / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN)
These lecture notes review the theoretical background to the Higgs boson, provide an introduction to its phenomenology, and describe the experimental tests that lead us to think that "beyond any reasonable doubt, it is a Higgs boson". [...]
KCL-PH-TH-2017-09 ; CERN-TH-2017-039 ; arXiv:1702.05436.
- 40 p.

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Multiple D3-instantons and mock modular forms II / Alexandrov, Sergei (U. Montpellier, L2C ; CERN) ; Banerjee, Sibasish (IPhT, Saclay) ; Manschot, Jan (Trinity Coll., Dublin ; Hamilton Math. Inst., Dublin) ; Pioline, Boris (CERN ; Paris, LPTHE ; UPMC, Paris (main))
We analyze the modular properties of D3-brane instanton corrections to the hypermultiplet moduli space in type IIB string theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau threefold. [...]
L2C:17-011 ; CERN-TH-2017-040 ; IPHT-T17-020 ; arXiv:1702.05497.
- 2017. - 48 p.

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Four-derivative couplings and BPS dyons in heterotic CHL orbifolds / Bossard, Guillaume (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT) ; Cosnier-Horeau, Charles (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT ; UPMC, Paris (main) ; Paris, LPTHE) ; Pioline, Boris (UPMC, Paris (main) ; Paris, LPTHE ; CERN)
Three-dimensional string models with half-maximal supersymmetry are believed to be invariant under a large U-duality group which unifies the S and T dualities in four dimensions. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-028 ; CPHT-RR004.022017 ; arXiv:1702.01926.
- 72 p.

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