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Massless Interacting Scalar Fields in de Sitter space / Nacir, Diana López (CERN) ; Mazzitelli, Francisco D (Balseiro Inst., San Carlos de Bariloche) ; Trombetta, Leonardo G (Balseiro Inst., San Carlos de Bariloche)
We present a method to compute the two-point functions for an $O(N)$ scalar field model in de Sitter spacetime, avoiding the well known infrared problems for massless fields. The method is based on an exact treatment of the Euclidean zero modes and a perturbative one of the nonzero modes, and involves a partial resummation of the leading secular terms. [...]
arXiv:1610.09943; CERN-TH-2016-151.- 2016 - 8 p. - Published in : EPJ Web Conf. 125 (2016) 05019 Preprint: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Towards an automated tool to evaluate the impact of the nuclear modification of the gluon density on quarkonium, D and B meson production in proton-nucleus collisions / Lansberg, Jean-Philippe (Orsay, IPN) ; Shao, Hua-Sheng (CERN)
We propose a simple and model-independent procedure to account for the impact of the nuclear modification of the gluon density as encoded in nuclear collinear PDF sets on two-to-two partonic hard processes in proton-nucleus collisions. This applies to a good approximation to quarkonium, D and B meson production, generically referred to H. [...]
arXiv:1610.05382; CERN-TH-2016-206.- 2017 - 18 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 77 (2017) 1 Fulltext: PDF;

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Seven-Disk Manifold, alpha-attractors and B-modes / Ferrara, Sergio (CERN ; Frascati ; UCLA) ; Kallosh, Renata (Stanford U., ITP ; Stanford U., Phys. Dept.)
Cosmological alpha-attractor models in \cN=1 supergravity are based on hyperbolic geometry of a Poincar\'e disk with the radius square {\cal R}^2=3\alpha. The predictions for the B-modes, r\approx 3\alpha {4\over N^2}, depend on moduli space geometry and are robust for a rather general class of potentials. [...]
arXiv:1610.04163; CERN-TH-2016-214.- 2016 - 7. - Published in : Phys. Rev. D 94 (2016) 126015 Fulltext: arXiv:1610.04163 - PDF; 10.1103_PhysRevD.94.126015 - PDF; External link: Preprint

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Six-dimensional Origin of $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM with Duality Defects / Assel, Benjamin (CERN ; King's Coll. London, Dept. Math) ; Schafer-Nameki, Sakura (Oxford U., Inst. Math. ; King's Coll. London, Dept. Math)
We study the topologically twisted compactification of the 6d $(2,0)$ M5-brane theory on an elliptically fibered K\"ahler three-fold preserving two supercharges. We show that upon reducing on the elliptic fiber, the 4d theory is $\mathcal{N}=4$ Super-Yang Mills, with varying complexified coupling $\tau$, in the presence of defects. [...]
arXiv:1610.03663; CERN-TH-2016-216.- 2016 - 62 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 12 (2016) 058 Fulltext: PDF;

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Time evolution of linearized gauge field fluctuations on a real-time lattice / Kurkela, Aleksi (CERN ; Stavanger U.) ; Lappi, Tuomas (Jyvaskyla U. ; Helsinki Inst. of Phys.) ; Peuron, Jarkko (Jyvaskyla U.)
Classical real-time lattice simulations play an important role in understanding non-equilibrium phenomena in gauge theories and are used in particular to model the prethermal evolution of heavy-ion collisions. Due to instabilities, small quantum fluctuations on top of the classical background may significantly affect the dynamics of the system. [...]
arXiv:1610.01355; CERN-TH-2016-208.- 2016 - 8 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 76 (2016) 688 Fulltext: PDF;

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Gauged Lepton Flavour / Alonso, R. (CERN ; UC, San Diego) ; Fernandez Martinez, E. (Madrid, Autonoma U. ; Madrid, IFT) ; Gavela, M.B. (Madrid, Autonoma U. ; Madrid, IFT) ; Grinstein, B. (UC, San Diego) ; Merlo, L. (Madrid, Autonoma U. ; Madrid, IFT) ; Quilez, P. (Madrid, Autonoma U. ; Madrid, IFT)
The gauging of the lepton flavour group is considered in the Standard Model context and in its extension with three right-handed neutrinos. The anomaly cancellation conditions lead to a Seesaw mechanism as underlying dynamics for all leptons; requiring in addition a phenomenologically viable setup leads to Majorana masses for the neutral sector: the type I Seesaw Lagrangian in the Standard Model case and the inverse Seesaw in the extended model. [...]
arXiv:1609.05902; FTUAM-16-33; IFT-UAM-CSIC-16-083; CERN-TH-2016-203.- 2016 - 42 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 12 (2016) 119 Fulltext: PDF;

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Starobinsky-Like Inflation and Neutrino Masses in a No-Scale SO(10) Model / Ellis, John (CERN ; King's Coll. London) ; Garcia, Marcos A. G. (Rice U.) ; Nagata, Natsumi (Tokyo U.) ; Nanopoulos, Dimitri V. (Athens Academy ; HARC, Woodlands ; Texas A-M) ; Olive, Keith A. (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.)
Using a no-scale supergravity framework, we construct an SO(10) model that makes predictions for cosmic microwave background observables similar to those of the Starobinsky model of inflation, and incorporates a double-seesaw model for neutrino masses consistent with oscillation experiments and late-time cosmology. We pay particular attention to the behaviour of the scalar fields during inflation and the subsequent reheating..
arXiv:1609.05849; KCL-PH-TH-2016-54; CERN-TH-2016-188; UT-16-29; ACT-05-16; MI-TH-162; UMN-TH-3603-16; FTPI-MINN-16-26.- 2016 - 38 p. - Published in : J. Cosmol. Astropart. Phys. 11 (2016) 018 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF; IOP Open Access article: PDF; External link: Preprint

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On high-order perturbative calculations at finite density / Ghisoiu, Ioan (Helsinki Inst. of Phys. ; Helsinki U.) ; Gorda, Tyler (Helsinki Inst. of Phys. ; Colorado U. ; Helsinki U.) ; Kurkela, Aleksi (CERN ; Stavanger U.) ; Romatschke, Paul (Colorado U. ; U. Colorado, Boulder) ; Säppi, Matias (Helsinki Inst. of Phys. ; Helsinki U.) ; Vuorinen, Aleksi (Helsinki Inst. of Phys. ; Helsinki U.)
We discuss the prospects of performing high-order perturbative calculations in systems characterized by a vanishing temperature but finite density. In particular, we show that the determination of generic Feynman integrals containing fermionic chemical potentials can be reduced to the evaluation of three-dimensional phase space integrals over vacuum on-shell amplitudes. [...]
arXiv:1609.04339; HIP-2016-25-TH; CERN-TH-2016-207.- 2017 - 21 p. - Published in : Nucl. Phys. B 915 (2017) 102-118 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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A Higgs in the Warped Bulk and LHC signals / Mahmoudi, F (Lyon Observ. ; CERN) ; Maitra, U (TIFR, Mumbai, Dept. Theor. Phys.) ; Manglani, N (Mumbai U.) ; Sridhar, K (TIFR, Mumbai, Dept. Theor. Phys.)
Warped models with the Higgs in the bulk can generate light Kaluza-Klein (KK) Higgs modes consistent with the electroweak precision analysis. The first KK mode of the Higgs (h_{1}) could lie in the 1-2 TeV range in the models with a bulk custodial symmetry. [...]
arXiv:1608.07407; CERN-TH-2016-191; TIFR-TH-16-30.- 2016 - 18 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 11 (2016) 075 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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The Super-GUT CMSSM Revisited / Ellis, John (CERN ; King's Coll. London) ; Evans, Jason L. (Korea Inst. Advanced Study, Seoul) ; Mustafayev, Azar (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.) ; Nagata, Natsumi (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.) ; Olive, Keith A. (Minnesota U., Theor. Phys. Inst.)
We revisit minimal supersymmetric SU(5) grand unification (GUT) models in which the soft supersymmetry-breaking parameters of the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) are universal at some input scale, $M_{in}$, above the supersymmetric gauge coupling unification scale, $M_{GUT}$. As in the constrained MSSM (CMSSM), we assume that the scalar masses and gaugino masses have common values, $m_0$ and $m_{1/2}$ respectively, at $M_{in}$, as do the trilinear soft supersymmetry-breaking parameters $A_0$. [...]
arXiv:1608.05370; KCL-PH-TH-2016-52; KIAS-P16059; UMN-TH-3601-16; FTPI-MINN-16-23; CERN-TH-2016-185.- 2016 - 29 p. - Published in : Eur. Phys. J. C 76 (2016) 592 Fulltext: PDF; Springer Open Access article: PDF;

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