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Magnetization in superconducting corrector magnets and impact on luminosity-calibration scans in the Large Hadron Collider / Chmielinska, Agnieszka (CERN) ; Fiscarelli, Lucio (CERN) ; Todesco, Ezio (CERN) ; Hostettler, Michi (CERN) ; Russenschuck, Stephan (CERN) ; Kozanecki, Witold (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))
Superconducting accelerator magnets have a nonlinear dependence of field on current due to the magnetization associated to the iron or to persistent currents in the superconducting filaments. [...]
arXiv:2304.06559 ; CERN-TE-2023-001.
- 2023. - 25 p.
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Anomaly Detection in Conditioning Procedures / Hofmann-Wellenhof, Martin (Graz University of Technology) ; Obermair, Christoph (Graz University of Technology (AT))
In this report, we summarize our approach to find anomalies in conditioning procedures with an LSTM autoencoder. [...]
- 2022. - 22 p.

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Thermomechanical Characterization of Epoxy Composites Used in High Field Magnet Coils / Wiker, Petter (Norwegian U. Sci. Tech.)
In the framework of the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider project and the planned Future Circular Collider, prototype magnet coils based on Nb3Sn superconductors are under development at CERN. [...]
- 2021. - 59 p.

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Nine years of carbon coating development for the SPS upgrade: achievements and heritage. / Taborelli, Mauro (CERN) ; Chiggiato, Paolo (CERN) ; Costa Pinto, Pedro (CERN) ; Cruikshank, Paul (CERN)
CERN has succeeded in producing carbon coatings that eradicate electron cloud in accelerators without any beam conditioning or in situ heating. [...]
- 2015. - 20 p.

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Frequency-Domain Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of High-Voltage Pulse Transformer Model Parameters / Aguglia, D (CERN ; Laval U., Quebec) ; Viarouge, P. ; Martins, C.D.A.
This paper presents an offline frequency-domain nonlinear and stochastic identification method for equivalent model parameter estimation of high-voltage pulse transformers. Such kinds of transformers are widely used in the pulsed-power domain, and the difficulty in deriving pulsed-power converter optimal control strategies is directly linked to the accuracy of the equivalent circuit parameters. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-053.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 10 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Indust. Appl. 49 (2013) 2552-2561 Article: PDF;

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Interconnected High-Voltage Pulsed-Power Converters System Design for H− Ion Sources / Aguglia, D (CERN)
This paper presents the design and experimental validations of a system of three new high-voltage (HV) pulsedpower converters for the H− sources. The system requires three pulsed voltages (50, 40, and 25 kV to ground) at 2-Hz repetition rate, for 700 μs of usable flat-top. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-052.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 7 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 42 (2014) 3070-3076 Article: PDF;

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Proof of the nonexistence of a linear solution for the CR2 injection region of the CLIC drive beam / Apsimon, Robert (CERN) ; Esberg, Jakob (CERN)
In this paper we present a mathematical proof to show that there exists no linear system of optics which can simultaneously close an orbit bump and correct the dispersion in the CR2 injection region. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-045 ; CLIC-Note-1035.
- 2014. - 13 p.

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Design of the Injection and extraction system and related machine protection for the Clic Damping Rings / Apsimon, Robert (CERN) ; Balhan, Bruno (CERN) ; Barnes, Mike (CERN) ; Borburgh, Jan (CERN) ; Goddard, Brennan (CERN) ; Papaphilippou, Yannis (CERN) ; Uythoven, Jan (CERN)
Linear machines such as CLIC have relatively low rates of collision between bunches compared to their circular counterparts. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-044 ; CLIC-Note-1034.
- 2014. - 20 p.

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Proposed Feed Forward Correction for the CLIC Ring-To-Main-Linac Transfer Lines / Apsimon, Robert (CERN) ; Latina, Andrea (CERN) ; Uythoven, Jan (CERN)
To achieve the design luminosity for the CLIC main beam an unprecedented degree of machine stability is required. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2014-034 ; CLIC-Note-1027.
- 2014. - 25 p.

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Sensitivity Analysis for the CLIC Damping Ring Inductive Adder / Holma, Janne (CERN) ; Barnes, Michael (CERN)
The CLIC study is exploring the scheme for an electron-positron collider with high luminosity and a nominal centre-of-mass energy of 3 TeV. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2013-041 ; CLIC-Note-1021.
- 2012. - 5 p.

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