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Latest additions:
Supergravity: foundations and applications / Ceresole, A (Turin U. ; INFN Turin) ; Ferrara, S (Rome U. ; INFN, Rome)
- 2010.

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Extremal black hole flows and duality invariants / Ceresole, A (Turin U. ; INFN Turin)
Extremal black holes in Maxwell-Einstein supergravities with scalar fields can be obtained as solutions of first order flow equations even when they are not supersymmetric, provided one identifies a suitable superpotential W entering the effective potential, and driving the evolution of the scalar fields. We briefly review the main ideas for the construction of W in terms of duality invariants of N = 2 special geometry and we comment on its properties in wider contexts..
2010 - Published in : Fortschr. Phys. 58 (2010) 859-863

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State-space Geometry, Statistical Fluctuations and Black Holes in String Theory / Bellucci, Stefano ; Tiwari, Bhupendra Nath
We study the state-space geometry of various extremal and nonextremal black holes in string theory [...]
- 2011.

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Freudenthal Duality and Generalized Special Geometry / Ferrara, Sergio (CERN) ; Marrani, Alessio (CERN) ; Yeranyan, Armen (Frascati ; Yerevan State U.)
Freudenthal duality, introduced in L. Borsten, D. [...]
arXiv:1102.4857; CERN-PH-TH-2011-028.- 2011 - 10 p. - Published in : Phys. Lett. B 701 (2011) 640-645 Fulltext: PDF; External link: Preprint

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State-space geometry, non-extremal black holes and Kaluza-Klein monopoles / Bellucci, Stefano ; Tiwari, Bhupendra Nath
We examine the statistical nature of the charged anticharged non-extremal black holes in string theory. [...]
- 2011. - 10 p.

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Consistent truncations with massive modes and holography / Cassani, Davide ; Dall'Agata, Gianguido ; Faedo, Anton F
We review the basic features of some recently found consistent Kaluza-Klein truncations including massive modes. We emphasize the general ideas underlying the reduction procedure, then we focus on type IIB supergravity on 5-dimensional manifolds admitting a Sasaki-Einstein structure, which leads to half-maximal gauged supergravity in five dimensions. [...]
arXiv:1101.5312.- 2011 - 6 p. - Published in : Fortschr. Phys. 59 (2011) 652 External link: Preprint

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Strong Interactions, (De)coherence and Quarkonia / Bellucci, Stefano ; Chandra, Vinod ; Tiwari, Bhupendra Nath
Quarkonia are the central objects to explore the non-perturbative nature of non-abelian gauge theories. [...]
- 2011.

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Two-Centered Magical Charge Orbits / Andrianopoli, Laura (Turin Polytechnic) ; D'Auria, Riccardo (Turin Polytechnic ; INFN, Turin) ; Ferrara, Sergio (CERN ; Frascati) ; Marrani, Alessio (CERN) ; Trigiante, Mario (Turin Polytechnic ; INFN, Turin)
We determine the two-centered generic charge orbits of magical N = 2 and maximal N = 8 supergravity theories in four dimensions. These orbits are classified by seven U-duality invariant polynomials, which group together into four invariants under the horizontal symmetry group SL(2,R). [...]
arXiv:1101.3496; CERN-PH-TH-2011-006.- 2011 - 17 p. - Published in : J. High Energy Phys. 04 (2011) 041 Fulltext: PDF; Springer Open Access article: PDF; External link: Preprint

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Vacuum stability, string density of states and the Riemann zeta function / Angelantonj, Carlo ; Cardella, Matteo ; Elitzur, Shmuel ; Rabinovici, Eliezer
We study the distribution of graded degrees of freedom in classically stable oriented closed string vacua and use the Rankin-Selberg transform to link it to the finite one-loop vacuum energy. [...]
arXiv:1012.5091 ; DFTT 26-2010.
- 2010.

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D-brane non-perturbative effects and geometric deformations / Dymarsky, Anatoly ; Martucci, Luca
We study how non-perturbative dynamics on D-branes affects the ten-dimensional geometry. [...]
- 2010. - 51 p.

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