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LHC Performance Notes

Latest additions:
Operation and Configuration of the LHC in Run 1 / Alemany-Fernandez, R ; Bravin, E ; Drosdal, L ; Gorzawski, A ; Kain, V ; Lamont, M ; Macpherson, A ; Papotti, G ; Pojer, M ; Ponce, L et al.
Between 2010 and 2013 the LHC was operated with protons at beam energies of 3.5 and 4 TeV. [...]
- 2013.
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Some considerations on the p-p performance of the LHC during Run I / Giovannozzi, M
During the LHC Run I a very large amount of data has been collected, which can be used to improve the understanding of the behaviour of the accelerator. [...]
- 2013. - 11 p.
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A Prototype Readout System for the Diamond Beam Loss Monitors at LHC / Effinger, E (CERN BE/BI) ; Dehning, B (CERN BE/BI) ; Baer, T (CERN BE/OP) ; Schmidt, R (CERN TE/MPE) ; Frais-Kölbl, H (Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Austria) ; Griesmayer, E ((corresponding author)) ; Kavrigin, P (TU Vienna andCIVIDEC Instrumentation*)
Diamond Beam Loss Monitors are used at the LHC for the measurement of fast beam losses. [...]
- 2013. - 17 p.
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Synchronous phase measurements in the LHC for electron cloud observations / Esteban Müller, JF ; Shaposhnikova, E
This Note summarizes the e-cloud observations done in the LHC with 50 ns and 25 ns spaced beams during 2012. [...]
- 2013.
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Observation of Beam-beam Deflections with LHC Orbit Data / Kozanecki, W (CERN) ; Pieloni, T (CERN) ; Wenninger, J (CERN)
The LHC luminosity is calibrated in dedicated fills with van der Meer scans (vdM) of the beams that are performed repeatedly in both planes. [...]
- 2013. - Mult. p.
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Injection into LHC of single bunches with nominal intensity / Bartmann, W ; Bracco, C ; Goddard, B ; Holzer, B ; Kain, V ; Lamont, M ; Meddahi, M ; Mertens, V ; Papotti, G ; Redaelli, S et al.
As part of the 2010 LHC commissioning, the intensity of a single INDIV injected bunch was increased from 1e10 to 1.1e11. Some preliminary tests with high intensity bunches to the TL TEDs were used to verify the beam stability and transverse profiles. [...]
LHC-Performance-Note-015; CERN-LHC-Performance-Note-015.- Geneva : CERN, 2010

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Expected Performance of the LHC Synchrotron-Light Telescope (BSRT) and Abort-Gap Monitor (BSRA) / Fisher, A S
This Report presents calculations of the synchrotron light from proton and lead-ion beams in the LHC at all energies from 0.45 to 7 TeV. It computes the emission from three sources: the uniform-field region of the D3 dipole, the dipole’s edge field, and the short undulator just upstream. [...]
LHC-Performance-Note-014; CERN-LHC-Performance-Note-014.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - 36 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Mid/Long-Term Action Plan to Mitigate SEE related Risks at the LHC (and required actions) / Brugger, M ; Ferrari, A ; Kramer, Daniel ; Losito, R ; Myers, S ; Perrot, A L ; Pojer, M ; Røed, K ; Roesler, S ; Solfaroli, M et al.
Modifications of the LHC schedule and the needed planning for future shutdowns requires an approach compatible with all operational scenarios in order to reduce the failures due to SEE around the machine. The R2E study group recommends a list of short-term actions, to plan, analyse and prepare mid/long-term activities and to assign additional resources. [...]
LHC-Performance-Note-013; CERN-LHC-Performance-Note-013.- Geneva : CERN, 2009 - 14 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Proposal to decrease the extraction times for dipoles and quadrupoles during the initial running of the LHC / Meß, K H (CERN)
The proposal to decrease the energy extraction time for the main dipoles and quadrupoles during the initial running up to 5 TeV is discussed. Proposals for practical solutions are presented..
LHC-Performance-Note-012; CERN-LHC-Performance-Note-012.- Geneva : CERN, 2009 - 5 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Polarity Checks in Sectors 23 & 78 / Calaga, R ; Kain, V ; Lamont, M ; Ponce, L ; Sun, Y ; Tomás, R ; Venturini-Delsolaro, W ; Zimmermann, F
During the first three LHC synchronization tests on August 10, August 24, and September 7, 2008, linear and higher-order polarity checks were performed with beam 1 in Sector 23 and beam 2 in Sector 78. The main principle of these checks was to launch free betatron oscillations and use the difference trajectory measurements with respect to inverted polarities of circuits under investigation. [...]
LHC-Performance-Note-010; CERN-LHC-Performance-Note-010.- Geneva : CERN, 2009 - 14 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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