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A quick and dirty guide to high speeds
A short presentation showing the relation between mass, energy, momentum and speed for relativistic and ultra-relativistic particles. It uses as an example the CERN accelerator complex (for massive particles at different speeds) and the photon
IPPOG-RDB-2022-079.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 Fulltext: cover - PNG; A quick and dirty guide to high speeds - PDF;

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Antimatter and Other Mysteries in the ATLAS Experiment / Cacciatore, Fabiola (University Niccolo Cusano (IT))
A full color 24-page booklet exploring the ATLAS Experiment's quest to discover answers to unknowns such as antimatter, the origin of mass, extra dimensions of space, unification of fundamental forces, and evidence for dark matter candidates in the Universe. Free of charge [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-078.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - Published in : Flip-through the booklet Fulltext: PDF;

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A Question of Survival: Why We Hunted the Higgs (TEDxTUM) / Goldfarb, Steven (University of Melbourne (AU))
This presentation was given at TEDxTUM 2015 in front of a large public audience and was recorded and published on the TEDxTUM site, as well as on their YouTube channel. It attempts to answer the question of why we do basic research by describing it as a necessary facet of human survival [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-077.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - Published in : TEDxTum website
- Published in : Video Fulltext: GoldfarbMedia-20151023 - PPTX; GoldfarbMedia-20151023e457 - PNG;

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American Physical Society Outreach Guide / American Physics, Society (APS)
This guide was created to provide ideas, opportunities, and most importantly “how-to” information regarding physics outreach programs. The goal of the Guide is to arm you with all the information you will need to do outreach programs, starting with a selection of possible outreach programs you can do. [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-076.- Geneva : CERN, 01 - Published in : Guide website Fulltext: PDF;

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Charge! Electricity and Magnetism / Bardeen, Marge (Fermilab)
Particle physicists know how magnets big and small work and how they apply to our world. Students explore the relationship of magnetism and electricity and have questions answered about the power of these forces [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-075.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 Fulltext: List of talks - PDF; Presentation series - PDF; Screenshot - PNG; Info for presenters - PNG;

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Journey to the Unimaginably Small / Mann, Chris (Mannmade Productions)
The narrorator takes us from a 1 mm column, down to the very smallest building blocks of matter to demonstrate just how incredibly small the things are that the Large Hadron Collider studies. See all video files here: Produced by: Mannmade Productions Director: Chris Mann 02:30 min [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-074.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - Published in : Journey to the Unimaginably Small video Fulltext: GIF;

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Educational Material for Children / Diamante, Letizia (CERN)
Free educational material to accompany the book "your adventures at CERN" by Letizia Diamante. this material can be used by teachers who want to introduce children to the world of particle physics
IPPOG-RDB-2022-072.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 (FR-ENG): ZIP; Fulltext: PNG;

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CERN Brochure - CMS / Press, Office (CERN)
A 2 page/double sided A4 brochure. This brochure introduces the CMS detector on the LHC at CERN. [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-071.- Geneva : CERN, 2010 - Published in : CMS brochure all languages CMS brochure extract: JPEG;

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ATLAS Inner Detector (Pixel Detector and Silicon Tracker) / Outreach, ATLAS (CERN)
This colorful 3D animation is an excerpt from the film "ATLAS-Episode II, The Particles Strike Back." Shot with a bug's eye view of the inside of the detector. The viewer is taken on a tour of the inner workings of the detector, seeing critical pieces of the detector and hearing short explanations of how each works [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-070.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 ATLAS Inner Detecter - video: QT; Pixel detector ATLAS: PNG;

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Colliding Particles - Hunting the Higgs (video series) / Paterson, Mike (PFILM Ltd)
Colliding Particles is a series of films following just one of the teams of physicists involved in the research at the LHC. The project documents their work at the frontiers of particle physics, exploring the human stories behind the research and investigating the workings of the scientific process itself. [...]
IPPOG-RDB-2022-069.- Geneva : CERN, 2011 - Published in : Playlist of videos Fulltext: PNG;

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