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Reconstruction of exclusive $B$ decays into $J/\psi$ using data from the DELPHI experiment and implications to future CP violation measurements at the LHC / Neumeister, Norbert
Since the discovery of the beauty quark in 1977, the physics of particles containing beauty quarks has played a dominant role in high energy physics research [...]
CERN-THESIS-96-023. - 1996. - 173 p.

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Etude et simulation des performances d'un détecteur pour LEP / Falasse, Alain
The Outer Detector is an essential part of thé Delphi experiment, which is to take place at thé LEP e⁺ e⁻ collider at CERN in thé late 1980s, since it has got a major rôle in thé trigger process [...]

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Recherche de désintégrations hadroniques du Lambda_b^0 avec le détecteur DELPHI / Tavernet, Jean-Paul

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Mesurabilité, avec le détecteur DELPHI, de la masse et de la largeur du z⁰ par la réaction e+e⁻ →μ⁺ μ⁻ γ₁...γn (mous) / Brault, Léandre
140 p.

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Studies of the inclusive semileptonic decays of the B hadrons / Yi, Jong Il
A detailed description of a new analysis, in which the correlation of the electric charge of the b-quark to that of the lepton is utilized to isolate different decay modes of the b-hadrons, is presented [...]
UMI-99-90504 ; CERN-THESIS-2000-071. - 2000. - 99 p.

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Messung der Helizitätskomponenten der Fragmentationsfunktion geladener Hadronen auf der Z-Resonanz / Malek, Abdellah
The transverse, longitudinal and asymmetric components of the fragmentation function are measured from the inclusive charged particles in e +e − collisions at LEP [...]
WUB-DIS-2002-01 ; WU-B-DIS-2002-01 ; CERN-THESIS-2002-092. - 2002. - 75 p.

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Tests der pertubativen QCD in der e+e Annihilation / Passon, Oliver
This thesis presents the DELPHI measurement of event shape distributions and inclusive spectra in e+e- annihilation at LEP between 183 and 207 GeV [...]
WUB-DIS-2002-06 ; WU-B-DIS-2002-06 ; CERN-THESIS-2002-085. - 2002. - 187 p.

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Multijet-Produktion in der $e^+e^--$Annihilation von $\sqrt{s}=$89 GeV bis 207 GeV : Messung der starken Kopplung $\alpha_s$ aus der Vierjetrate / Flagmeyer, Uwe
Hadronic events from the data collected with the DELPHI detector at LEP within an energy range from 89 GeV to 207 GeV are selected and their jet rates are determined [...]
WUB-DIS-2001-04 ; WU-B-DIS-2001-04 ; CERN-THESIS-2001-057. - 2001. - 185 p.

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Energieabhängigkeit von Ereignisobservablen Messungen und Studien zu Potenzreihenkorrekturen und Schemenabhängigkeiten / Reinhardt, Ralf
WUB-DIS-2001-06 ; WU-B-DIS-2001-06 ; CERN-THESIS-2001-058. - 2001. - 219 p.

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Searches for visible and invisible Higgs decays with the DELPHI detector at LEP2 / Stanitzki, Marcel
IEKP-KA-2003-12 ; CERN-THESIS-2003-066. - 2003. - 216 p.

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