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Исследование и оптимизация параметров катодно-стриповых камер для прецизионной мюонной станции установки "компактный мюонный соленоид" (CMS) на большом адронном коллайдере (LHC) / Moisenz, Petr

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Measurement of the polarization of tau--leptons produced in Z decays at CMS and determination of the effective weak mixing angle / Cherepanov, Vladimir (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Stahl, Achim (dir.) (Aachen, Tech. Hochsch.) ; Lohmann, Wolfgang (dir.) (DESY)
In this thesis the first measurement of the τ-lepton polarization in Z → ττ decays is performed at a proton-proton collider. A sample of 8818 events of the decay Z0 → τ + τ − → µνν,a1 ν is used [...]
CMS-TS-2016-014; CERN-THESIS-2016-088.- 2016 - 105 p. Fulltext: TS2016_014 - PDF; TS2016_014_2 - PDF;

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Search for high-mass resonances decaying into muon pairs with the CMS experiment at LHC / Radogna, Raffaella
A search for new narrow resonances in dimuon invariant mass spectra has been performed using data obtained from proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV [...]
CERN-THESIS-2016-084 -

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Measurement of Wγγ Cross Section and Limits on Anomalous Quartic Gauge Couplings in Proton-Proton Collisions at 8 TeV with the CMS detector / Anelli, Christopher Ryan
Present the measurement of a rare Standard Model processes, pp →W±γγ for the leptonic decays of the W± [...]
CERN-THESIS-2016-079. - 125 p.

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Search for rare processes with a Z+bb signature at the LHC, with the matrix element method / Beluffi, Camille
This thesis presents a detailed study of the final state with the Z boson decaying into two leptons, produced in the CMS detector at the LHC [...]
CERN-THESIS-2015-351. - 291.

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Search for pair-produced heavy fourth-generation bottom-like quarks decaying to bZ and tW in 8,TeV proton-proton collisions with multilepton final states / Arora, Sanjay R
We present a search for anomalous production of events with three or more isolated leptons produced in proton-proton collisions at 8 TeV collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC [...]
CERN-THESIS-2013-415. - 174 p.

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Measurement of beauty quark mass at HERA and impact on Higgs production in association with beauty quarks at LHC / Gizhko, Andrii (DESY) ; Geiser, Achim (dir.) (DESY)
Three different, but related topics are the subject of this thesis, performed in the contextof the ZEUS and CMS groups at DESY. The first measurement of the MS beauty-quarkmass mb (mb ) at an electron-proton collider is presented. [...]
CMS-TS-2016-013; CERN-THESIS-2016-075.- 2016 - 87 p. Fulltext: TS2016_013_2 - PDF; TS2016_013 - PDF;

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Measuring the anomalous couplings in the Wtb vertex using the Matrix Element Method at the LHC / Olbrechts, Annik Maria (Vrije U., Brussels) ; D'Hondt, Jorgen (dir.) (Vrije U., Brussels)
CMS-TS-2016-012; CERN-THESIS-2016-067.- 2016 - 132 p. Fulltext: TS2016_012 - PDF; TS2016_012_2 - PDF;

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Measurement of Double Differential $t \overline{t}$ Production Cross Sections with the CMS Detector / Korol, Ievgen (DESY) ; Behnke, Olaf (dir.) (DESY)
The high energy scale of the pp collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN makes this facility to a real factory for the production of $t\overline{t}$ pairs. This enables to study the top-quark properties and its production and decay mechanisms in unprecedent detail.The dileptonic decay channel of the top-quark pair, in which both W bosons, produced from the top-quark decay, decay into a lepton and neutrino, is studied in this analysis.The limitation to one electron and one muon in final state used in this work allows to strongly suppress the possible background processes and leads to a higher signal purity. [...]
CMS-TS-2016-011; CERN-THESIS-2016-060.- 2016 - 237 p. Fulltext: TS2016_011_2 - PDF; TS2016_011 - PDF;

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Test Beam Measurements for the Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Detector and Measurement of the Top Quark Mass from Differential Cross Sections / Spannagel, Simon (DESY) ; Eckstein, Doris (dir.) (DESY)
In this dissertation, two different topics are addressed which are vital for the realization ofmodern high-energy physics experiments: detector development and data analysis. The first partfocuses on the development and characterization of silicon pixel detectors [...]
CMS-TS-2016-010; CERN-THESIS-2016-059.- 2016 - 275 p. Fulltext: TS2016_010_2 - PDF; TS2016_010 - PDF;

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