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ICE-DIP project comes to a close with workshop held at CERN / by Andrew Purcell ; Harriet Kim Jarlett (ed.)
ICE-DIP, the Intel-CERN European Doctorate Industrial Program, is a European Industrial Doctorate scheme led by CERN. Building on CERN’s long-standing relationship with Intel through CERN openlab, ICE-DIP brings together CERN, Intel and universities to offer training to five PhD students in advanced information and communication technologies (ICT). The focus of the project, which launched in 2013, has been the development of next-generation techniques for acquiring and processing data that are relevant for the trigger and data-acquisition systems of the LHC experiments [...]
14 September 2016 Screenshot: PNG; External links: Fulltext; The young researchers have been co-funded by the European Commission as fellows at CERN and enrolled in doctoral programmes at the Maynooth University and Dublin City University (Image: Andrew Purcell/ CERN)

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ICE-DIP closing meeting
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Representatives of the ICE-DIP project gathered at CERN for the start of the closing workshop.
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CERN openlab student programme closes with lightning talks / by Andrew Purcell ; Harriet Kim Jarlett (ed.)
Earlier this week, this year’s CERN openlab summer students presented their work in two dedicated public ‘lighting talk’ sessions. In 5-minute presentations, each student explained the technical challenges they have faced and described the results of what they have been working on for the nine weeks they have spent at CERN.  Projects presented covered a diverse range of topics, including high-performance computing,  big data, visualisation, and machine learning. The lightning talks were split into two sessions [...]
19 August 2016 Screenshot: PNG; External links: Fulltext; The CERN openlab summer students celebrate their successful lightning talk sessions (Image: Andrew Purcell/ CERN)

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Winning Intel ISEF students come to CERN / by Andrew Purcell ; Corinne Pralavorio (ed.)
From 11 to 17 June, CERN hosted the 10 young students who won the CERN Special Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2016. These winners were selected from the 1700 high-school students who participated in the competition. The competition, which is a programme of the Society for Science and the Public, is the world's largest pre-university science competition [...]
01 July 2016 Screenshot: PNG; External links: Fulltext; Article Image

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CERN openlab open day 2016
Keywords: CERN openlab, COOD, open day
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CERN openlab Open Day 2016
Keywords: CERN Openlab, Open Day, openlab, 2016
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CERN openlab Machine Learning and Data Analytics workshop
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CERN openlab Collaboration Board 2016
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Faster research code wins student CERN openlab internship / Harriet Kim Jarlett (ed.)
CERN openlab and its partner company Intel jointly announced the winners of the Modern Code Developer Challenge on 14 November, at the annual Intel HPC Developer Conference. The overall winner, Mathieu Gravey from Ecole des Mines d’Alès in France, was awarded the grand-prize after he reduced the time it took to run a large dataset of code simulating brain development from 45 hours to just under eight and a half minutes. He’ll join CERN openlab as a summer student next year. The goal of the competition, which was open to students worldwide, was to spur development in advanced coding techniques and the science they support, as well as encouraging students to pursue careers in the field of high-performance computing.  Education is a core part of CERN openlab’s mission [...]
16 November 2015 Screenshot: PNG; External links: Fulltext; From over 1500 applicants, 40 students were selected to take part in the 2015 CERN openlab summer student programme (Image: CERN)

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