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The Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS Level-1 Trigger / collaboration, CMS
This Technical Design Report describes the ongoing developments and plans towards the upgrade of the CMS Level-1 trigger for the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider..
CERN-LHCC-2020-004 ; CMS-TDR-021.
- 2020.

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Advisory Committee of CERN Users (ACCU) : Minutes of the 126th Meeting held on 3 December 2019 / Hauschild, Michael
CERN-ACCU-MH-2019-11.- 2019 - 26 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Advisory Committee of CERN Users (ACCU) : Minutes of the 125th Meeting held on 17 September 2019 / Hauschild, Michael
CERN-ACCU-MH-2019-08.- 2019 - 18 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Micro-channel cooling for collider experiments: review and recommandations / Mapelli, A (CERN) ; Petagna, P (CERN) ; Vos, M (IFIC-UV/CSIC)
AIDA-2020-NOTE-2020-003.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

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Report on the ECFA Early-Career Researchers Debate on the 2020 European Strategy Update for Particle Physics / Bethani, A. (ed.) (Cathol. U. Louvain (main)) ; Brondolin, E. (ed.) (CERN) ; Elliot, A.A. (ed.) (Queen Mary, U. of London (main)) ; García Pardiñas, J. (ed.) (U. Zurich (main)) ; Gilles, G. (ed.) (Bergische U., Wuppertal (main)) ; Gouskos, L. (ed.) (CERN) ; Gouveia, E. (ed.) (LIP, Minho) ; Graverini, E. (ed.) (Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne) ; Hermansson-Truedsson, N. (ed.) (Lund U. (main)) ; Irles, A. (ed.) (IJCLab, Orsay) et al.
A group of Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) has been given a mandate from the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) to debate the topics of the current European Strategy Update (ESU) for Particle Physics and to summarise the outcome in a brief document [1]. A full-day debate with 180 delegates was held at CERN, followed by a survey collecting quantitative input. [...]
arXiv:2002.02837; CERN-OPEN-2020-006.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - 48 p. Fulltext: ECR_EFCA_report_submission_date (1) - PDF; 2002.02837 - PDF; CERN-OPEN-2020-006 - PDF;

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AIDA-2020 Test Beam facilities website and database user manual / Azimova, Sabina ; Gkotse, Blerina (CERN and MINES ParisTech) ; Ravotti, Federico (CERN) ; Wilkens, Henric (CERN)
AIDA-2020-NOTE-2020-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 Fulltext: PDF;

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CERN Yellow Report Front Cover SPS Beam Dump Facility : Comprehensive design study / Ahdida, Claudia Christina ; Calviani, Marco (ed.) ; Goddard, Brennan (ed.) ; Jacobsson, Richard (ed.) ; Lamont, Mike (ed.)
The proposed Beam Dump Facility (BDF) is foreseen to be located in the North Area of the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) [...]
arXiv:1912.06356 ; CERN-PBC-REPORT-2019-005 ; CERN-2020-002 - 2019. - 596 p. (CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs ; 2/2020)

SPS Beam Dump Facility - Comprehensive Design Study - Fulltext
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CERN Yellow Report Front Cover Report on the Physics at the HL-LHC, and Perspectives for the HE-LHC / Dainese, Andrea (ed.) ; Mangano, Michelangelo (ed.) ; Meyer, Andreas B (ed.) ; Nisati, Aleandro (ed.) ; Salam, Gavin (ed.) ; Vesterinen, Mika Anton (ed.)
This report comprises the outcome of five working groups that have studied the physics potential of the high-luminosity phase of the LHC (HL-LHC) and the perspectives for a possible future high-energy LHC (HE-LHC).The working groups covered a broad range of topics: Standard Model measurements, studi [...]
CERN-2019-007. - Geneva, Switzerland : CERN, 2019. - 1418 p. (CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs ; 7/2019)

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BSM Benchmarks for Effective Field Theories in Higgs and Electroweak Physics / Marzocca, David (INFN Trieste Italy) ; Riva, Francesco (Universite de Geneve (CH)) ; Criado, J (CAFPE Granada (Spain)) ; Dawson, S (BNL (US)) ; De Blas Mateo, Jorge (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT)) ; Henning, Brian Quinn (CERN) ; Liu, D (Argonnne (US)) ; Low, I (Argonne (US)) ; Murphy, C (BNL (US)) ; Perez-Victoria Moreno De Barreda, Manuel Maria (Universidad de Granada (ES)) et al.
Effective Field Theories (EFTs) capture effects from heavy dynamics at low en- ergy and represent an essential ingredient in the context of Standard Model (SM) precision tests. This document gathers a number of relevant scenarios for heavy physics beyond the SM and presents explicit expressions for the Wilson coeffi- cients in their low-energy EFT. [...]
LHCHXSWG-2019-006.- Geneva : CERN, 2019 Fulltext: PDF;

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Physics Briefing Book : Input for the European Strategy for Particle Physics Update 2020
The European Particle Physics Strategy Update (EPPSU) process takes a bottom-up approach, whereby the community is first invited to submit proposals (also called inputs) for projects that it would like to see realised in the near-term, mid-term and longer-term future [...]
arXiv:1910.11775 ; CERN-ESU-004 - Geneva : CERN, 2019. - 254 p.

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