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Position-sensitive gaseous photomultipliers : research and Applications / Francke, Tom
Gaseous photomultipliers are defined as gas-filled devices capable of recording single ultraviolet (UV) and visible photons with high position resolution [...]
Hershey, PA : Engineering Science Reference, 2016. - 562 p.

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Interactive data visualization : foundations, techniques, and applications / Ward, Matthew
Interactive Data Visualization: Foundations, Techniques, and Applications, Second Edition provides all the theory, details, and tools necessary to build visualizations and systems involving the visualization of data [...]
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2015. - 578 p.
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Neustart des LHC : CERN und die Beschleuniger : die Weltmaschine anschaulish erklärt / Hauschild, Michael
Michael Hauschild führt den Leser dieses essentials zurück zu den Anfängen des CERN, des Europäischen Forschungszentrums für Teilchenphysik bei Genf; einem der faszinierendsten Forschungszentren überhaupt, zu seiner Geschichte, zu seinen Menschen und seinen Beschleunigern [...]
Wiesbaden : Springer Spektrum, 2016. - 65 p.

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The invention of physical science : intersections of mathematics, theology and natural philosophy since the seventeenth century essays in honor of Erwin N. Hiebert / Nye, M J ; Richards, J (ed.) ; Stuewer, Roger H (ed.)
Modern physical science is constituted by specialized scientific fields rooted in experimental laboratory work and in rational and mathematical representations [...]
[S.l.] : Springer, 1992. - 278 p. (Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science ; 139)
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Sharing knowledge, shaping Europe : US technological collaboration and nonproliferation / Krige, John
In the 1950s and the 1960s, U.S [...]
Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, 2016. - 240 p.
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Science in the public sphere : a history of lay knowledge and expertise / Nieto-Galan, Agusti
Science in the Public Sphere presents a broad yet detailed picture of the history of science popularization from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century [...]
Hoboken, NJ : Taylor and Francis, 2016. - 288 p.
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Innovation in science and organizational renewal : historical and sociological perspectives / Heinze, Thomas ; Münch, Richard (ed.)
This book looks at the types of new research organizations that drive scientific innovation and how ground-breaking science transforms research fields and their organization [...]
[S.l.] : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. - 273 p.
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Fundamental particles : Ea774 at CERN / Soppelsa, Francesco
The book talks about the design and construction of the building 774 at CERN [...]
New York, NY : Actar, 2016. - 128 p.
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Observation, experiment and hypothesis in modern physical science / Achinstein, Peter
These original contributions by philosophers and historians of science discuss a range of issues pertaining to the testing of hypotheses in modern physics by observation and experiment.Chapters by Lawrence Sklar, Dudley Shapere, Richard Boyd, R [...]
Cambridge, MA : The MIT Press, 1985. - 392 p.
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Cover not available Experimental physics with polarized protons, neutrons and deuterons / Lehar, František
The monograph gives a comprehensive overview of the diverse aspects of the experimental study of polarization phenomena in nucleon-nucleon and nucleon-deuteron collisions [...]
Prague : Czech Technical University in Prague, 2015. - 220 p.
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