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Tertiary particle production and target optimization of the H2 beam line in the SPS North Area / Charitonidis, Nikolaos (CERN) ; Tellander, Felix
In this note, the tertiary particle yield from secondary targets of different materials placed at the ‘filter’ position of the H2 beam line of SPS North Area are presented. [...]
- 2016. - 70 p.
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Addendum to ATS Note CERN-ACC-NOTE-2016-0052 / Charitonidis, Nikolaos (CERN) ; Efthymiopoulos, Ilias (CERN) ; Karyotakis, Yannis (LAPP (FR))
The authors would like to publish this addendum to their note [1] in order to present specific results for H4-VLE beam line, and the corresponding experiment, designated “NP-04”..
- 2016. - 7 p.
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Luminosity Anti-leveling with Crossing Angle (MD 1669) / Gorzawski, Arkadiusz (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (CH)) ; Nisbet, David (CERN) ; Ponce, Laurette (CERN) ; Salvachua Ferrando, Belen Maria (CERN) ; Wenninger, Jorg (CERN)
A significant fraction of the LHC luminosity ($\sim$30\% in 2016) is lost due to the presence (and necessity) of the crossing angles at the IPs. [...]
- 2016.

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Suppression of Amplitude dependent closest tune approach and first tests of the ADT as an AC-dipole (MD 1412) / Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN) ; Gasior, Marek (CERN) ; Maclean, Ewen Hamish (CERN) ; Olexa, Jakub (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN) ; Valuch, Daniel (CERN) ; Wierichs, David Alexander ; Carlier, Felix Simon (Technische Universiteit Delft (NL))
The amplitude detuning has been observed to decrease significantly as the horizontal and vertical tunes are approaching each other. [...]
- 2016. - 6 p.

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Coupling Measurements and Corrections for the Combined Ramp and Squeeze / Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN) ; Gorzawski, Arkadiusz (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (CH)) ; Langner, Andy Sven (CERN) ; Malina, Lukas (University of Oslo (NO)) ; Maclean, Ewen Hamish (CERN) ; Coello De Portugal - Martinez Vazquez, Jaime Maria (Universitat Politecnica Catalunya (ES)) ; Redaelli, Stefano (CERN) ; Salvachua Ferrando, Belen Maria (CERN) ; Schaumann, Michaela (CERN) ; Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo (CERN) et al.
In operation of the LHC the ramp and the squeeze process have been independent beam processes up to now. [...]
- 2016. - 6 p.

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Time Optimal Synchronization Procedure and Associated Feedback Loops / Angoletta, Maria Elena (CERN) ; Pedersen, Flemming
A procedure to increase the speed of currently used synchronization loops in a synchrotron by an order of magnitude is presented. [...]
- 2016. - 31 p.
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Thermal Studies on the SPS Wideband Transverse Feedback Kicker / Roggen, Toon (CERN) ; Calaga, Rama (CERN) ; Hofle, Wolfgang (CERN) ; Montesinos, Eric (CERN)
As part of the SPS wideband transverse feedback system in the framework of the LHC Injector Upgrade (LIU) project, a wideband kicker design is being proposed. [...]
- 2016. - 7 p.
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Demonstration of coupling correction below the per-mil limit in the LHC / Maclean, Ewen Hamish (CERN) ; Carlier, Felix Simon (Technische Universiteit Delft (NL)) ; Fartoukh, Stephane (CERN) ; Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN) ; Skowronski, Piotr Krzysztof (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN) ; Wierichs, David Alexander
Linear coupling between betatron motion in the transverse planes is one of the key optics parameters for any accelerator. [...]
- 2016. - 7 p.

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Beam performance and instrumentation studies for the ProtoDUNE-DP experiment of CENF / Charitonidis, Nikolaos (CERN) ; Karyotakis, Yannis (LAPP (FR)) ; Efthymiopoulos, Ilias (CERN)
In this note, we address the beam performance (particle content, rates) with emphasis on the momentum determination and particle identification methods for the new H2-VLE (Very Low Energy) beam line that will serve the double phase ProtoDUNE experiment (also known as WA105), in the framework of the CENF project. [...]
CERN-ACC-NOTE-2016-0052 ; 27.
- 2016.
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Measurements on the SPS 200 MHz Travelling Wave Cavity towards an Impedance Model / Roggen, Toon (CERN) ; Calaga, Rama (CERN) ; Caspers, Fritz (European Scientific Institute (FR)) ; Vollinger, Christine (CERN)
This note discusses the contribution of the SPS 200 MHz TWC (Travelling Wave Cavity) to the SPS longitudinal impedance model. [...]
- 2016.
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