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ALICE light-flavor results at intermediate and high pT in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions / Richert, Tuva (Lund U.)
The ALICE experiment has unique capabilities for particle identification at mid rapidity over a wide range of transverse momenta, making it an ideal tool for comprehensive measurements of hadrons such as charged pions, kaons, and protons as well as lambdas, K0s, and phi. [...]
- 2015. - 7 p.

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Parton energy loss and particle production at high momenta from ALICE / Bertens, Redmer Alexander (Utrecht U.)
Partons, produced in the early stages of heavy-ion collisions, lose energy while propagating through the collision medium. [...]
- 2015. - 4 p.

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Inclusive, prompt and non-prompt J/$\psi$ production at mid-rapidity in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV / ALICE Collaboration
The transverse momentum ($p_{\rm T}$) dependence of the nuclear modification factor $R_{\rm AA}$ and the centrality dependence of the average transverse momentum $\langle p_{\rm T}\rangle$ for inclusive J/$\psi$ have been measured with ALICE for Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV in the e$^+$e$^-$ decay channel at mid-rapidity ($|y|<0.8$). [...]
arXiv:1504.07151 ; CERN-PH-EP-2015-092.
- 2015. - 28 p.
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Overview of ALICE results on azimuthal correlations using neutral- and heavy-meson triggers / Pochybova, Sona (Wigner RCP, Budapest)
The ALICE detector is dedicated to studying the properties of hot and dense matter created in heavy-ion collisions. [...]
- 2015. - 9 p.

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Coherent $\rho^0$ photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Pb--Pb collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{\textit{s}_{\rm NN}}} = 2.76$ TeV / ALICE Collaboration
We report the first measurement at the LHC of coherent photoproduction of $\rho^0$ mesons in ultra-peripheral Pb-Pb collisions. [...]
arXiv:1503.09177 ; CERN-PH-EP-2015-082.
- 2015. - 23 p.
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Measurement of charm and beauty production at central rapidity as a function of charged-particle multiplicity in proton–proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV / Adam, Jaroslav (Prague, Tech. U.) ; Adamova, Dagmar (Rez, Nucl. Phys. Inst.) ; Aggarwal, Madan Mohan (Panjab U.) ; Aglieri Rinella, Gianluca (CERN) ; Agnello, Michelangelo (INFN, Turin) ; Agrawal, Neelima (Indian Inst. Tech., Mumbai) ; Ahammed, Zubayer (Calcutta, VECC) ; Ahmed, Ijaz (COMSATS, Islamabad) ; Ahn, Sang Un (KISTI, Daejeon) ; Aimo, Ilaria (Turin Polytechnic ; INFN, Turin) et al. /ALICE
Prompt D meson and non-prompt J/psi yields are studied as a function of the multiplicity of charged particles produced in inelastic proton–proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. The results are reported as a ratio between yields in a given multiplicity interval normalized to the multiplicity-integrated ones (relative yields). [...]
CERN-PH-EP-2015-091; arXiv:1505.00664.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 - 34. Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: arXiv:1505.00664 - PDF; CERN-PH-EP-2015-091 - PDF; External link: Fulltext

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Rapidity and transverse-momentum dependence of the inclusive J/$\mathbf{\psi}$ nuclear modification factor in p-Pb collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{\textit{s}_{NN}}}=5.02$ TeV / ALICE Collaboration
We have studied the transverse-momentum ($p_{\rm T}$) dependence of the inclusive J/$\psi$ production in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = 5.02$ TeV, in three center-of-mass rapidity ($y_{\rm cms}$) regions, down to zero $p_{\rm T}$. [...]
arXiv:1503.07179 ; CERN-PH-EP-2015-030.
- 2015. - 27 p.
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Centrality dependence of charged jets in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} = 5.02$ TeV measured with the ALICE detector / Haake, Rüdiger (Munster U.)
Highly energetic jets are sensitive probes for the kinematics and the topology of nuclear collisions. [...]
- 2015. - 8 p.

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Coherent ρ0 photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Pb–Pb collisions sqrt(sNN) = 2.76 TeV / ALICE, CERN /ALICE
The ALICE Collaboration reports the first measurement at the LHC of coherent photoproduction of ρ0 mesons in ultra-peripheral Pb–Pb collisions. The invariant mass and transverse momentum distributions for ρ0 production are studied in the π+ π− decay channel at mid-rapidity. [...]
CERN-PH-EP-2015-082.- Geneva : CERN, 2015 Draft (restricted): PDF; Fulltext: PDF;

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Bottomonium production at forward rapidity with ALICE at the LHC / Marchisone, Massimiliano (Turin U. ; INFN,Turin)
Bottomonium production is a powerful tool to investigate hadron collisions and the properties of the medium created in heavy-ion collisions. [...]
- 2015.

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