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Report on test beam requirements until end 1988
CERN-LEPC-84-14 ; LEPC-M-49.
- 1984. - 2 p.
DELPHI test beam request for 1988
CERN-LEPC-87-13 ; LEPC-M-83.
- 1987. - 2 p.
Summary of Reports on TIDV Beam Dump Repairs / Ross, M
A vacuum leak on the internal beam dump TIDV#1 precipitated its replacement in the LSS1 on Monday the 20th. October 1997. [...]
SL-Note-98-035-BT.- Geneva : CERN, 1998 - 7 p. Fulltext: PDF;
Report on data acquisition & analysis March 1988
CERN-LEPC-88-4 ; LEPC-M-84.
- 1988. - 65 p.
SPS test beam requirements
CERN-LEPC-85-41 ; LEPC-M-69.
- 1985. - 8 p.
Operational experience with crab cavities at KEKB / Funakoshi, Y. (KEK, Tsukuba) /for the KEKB Commissioning Group
KEKB was in operation from December 1988 to June 2010. The crab cavities were installed at KEKB in February 2007 and worked very stably until the end of KEKB operation. [...]
arXiv:1410.4036.- 2014 - 10 p.
- Published in : (2014) , pp. 27-36 Preprint: PDF; Published version from CERN: PDF; External link: Preprint
In : ICFA Mini-Workshop on Beam-Beam Effects in Hadron Colliders, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 18 - 22 Mar 2013, pp.27-36 (CERN-2014-004)
Report on DIRAC beam tests 10-20 May 1996
- 1996.
CERN Yellow Report Front Cover CERN Annual report 1988
Geneva : CERN, 1989
Fulltext (v.1): PDF; Fulltext (v.2): PDF; Fulltext (v.3): PDF;
Plans and Status of the Phase~I Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Tracker / Perrey, Hanno Christopher (DESY) /CMS Collaboration
The silicon pixel detector is the innermost component of the CMS tracking system and plays a crucial role in the all-silicon CMS tracker. While the current pixel tracker is designed for and performing well at an instantaneous luminosity of up to $1\times10^{34}$\,cm$^{-2}${s}$^{-1}$, it can no longer be operated efficiently at significantly higher values. Based on the strong performance of the LHC accelerator, it is anticipated that peak luminosities of two times the design luminosity are likely to be reached before 2018 and perhaps significantly exceeded in the running period until 2022, referred to as Phase~I. Therefore an upgrade is planed for the year-end technical stop in 2016: With a new pixel readout chip (ROC), an additional fourth layer, two additional endcap disks, and a significantly reduced material budget the upgraded pixel detector will be able to sustain the efficiency of the pixel tracker at the increased requirements imposed by high luminosities and pile-up. In this contribution, the new design of the pixel detector along with its expected physics performance will be presented. [...]
CMS-CR-2014-005.- Geneva : CERN, 2014 - 11 p. - Published in : PoS: Vertex2013 (2013) , pp. 014 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 22nd International Workshop on Vertex Detectors, Lake Starnberg, Germany, 16 - 20 Sep 2013, pp.014
Report on the first test run of PS 203 in December 1988 : "antiproton induced fission and fragmentation of nuclei" / Von Egidy, T ; Daniel, H ; Hartmann, F J ; Hofmann, P (et al.)
CERN-PSCC-89-8 ; PSCC-M-298.
- 1989. - 2 p.

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