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UPGRADES / D. Contardo and J. Spalding
The three post-LS1 Phase 1 Upgrade projects (the L1-Trigger, Pixel Tracker, and HCAL) are all making excellent progress and are transitioning from the prototype to the execution phase. Meanwhile plans are developing for Phase 2, a major Upgrade programme targeting the third long shutdown, LS3 [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-049.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 3/2013, pp. 16
UPGRADES / D. Contardo and J. Spalding
  LS1 and Phase 1 The detector projects targeting LS1 are progressing well, and a fully integrated schedule developed by Technical Coordination includes installation milestones and a detailed work-plan. The first chambers of the RPC system were produced and are being qualified. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-017.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 1/2013, pp. 17
LS1 overview In general the LS1 project is progressing well and the workflow is holding to the original December 2012 schedule within two–three weeks, acceptable at this stage, with about 400 work packages already completed. In particular, the critical logistic configuration planned for summer 2013, giving simultaneous access to both ends of the vacuum tank interior and the exterior, plus the YE1 nose zones, was achieved significantly before the deadline at the end of June. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-019.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 2/2013, pp. 1
UPGRADES / D. Contardo and J. Spalding
  Good progress is being made on the projects that will be installed during LS1. CSC chamber production for ME4/2 is progressing at a rate of four chambers per month, with 25 built so far, and the new electronics for ME1/1 is undergoing a pre-production integration testing. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2012-056.- 2012 - Published in : , no. 3/2012, pp. 18
TECHNICAL COORDINATION / Austin Ball ; Wolfram Zeuner
  Since the last report, much visible progress has been made, as the LS1 programme approaches the halfway point. From early October, technical and safety shift-crew have been present around the clock, allowing detectors to stay switched on overnight, ensuring that safety systems are operational and instructions for non-expert shift-crew are clear. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-050.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 3/2013, pp. 1
UPGRADES / J. Spalding and D. Contardo
  The CMS Upgrade Programme consists of four classes of projects: (a) Detector and Systems upgrades which are ongoing and largely (though not entirely) target LS1. (b) Full system upgrades for three projects that are preparing TDRs: Pixels, HCAL and L1 Trigger. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2012-018.- 2012 - Published in : , no. 1/2012, pp. 19
UPGRADES / Didier Contardo ; Jeff Spalding
  The CMS Upgrade Programme is making good progress on the LS1 and Phase 1 projects, in the planning for Phase 2. The construction of the ME4/2 muon chambers to be installed during LS1 has started and the two first CSC production chambers have been fully qualified [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2012-038.- 2012 - Published in : , no. 2/2012, pp. 18
UPGRADES / J. Butler and J. Nash
Recent progress on the CMS upgrades was summarised, in a workshop held at Fermilab between 7th and 10th November, attended by more than 150 people, many of whom came from Europe and Asia. Important goals of the workshop were to begin to formulate a schedule for the upgrades and to determine project interdependencies. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2011-052.- 2011 - Published in : , no. 3/2011, pp. 18
Electronics Developments for Phase-2 Upgrade of CMS Drift Tubes / Triossi, Andrea (Madrid, CIEMAT) /CMS Collaboration
The Electronics for the Drift Tube Chambers (DT) of CMS will be significantly upgraded during the LHC Long Shutdown 3 (LS3). DTs are responsible for the tracking and triggering of muons in the central region of CMS. [...]
CMS-CR-2018-315.- Geneva : CERN, 2018 - 7 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics, Antwerp, Belgique, 17 - 21 Sep 2018
ECAL / David Petyt
One half of the ECAL barrel (EB–) and both endcaps (EE) participated in the CMS Global Run in November (GRiN). This was used as an opportunity to exercise the ECAL DAQ and trigger systems following software development work during LS1 and verify the operation of ECAL with an increased latency of +12 BX. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-041.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 3/2013, pp. 5

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