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PHYSICS / Christopher Hill ; Greg Landsberg ; Luca Malgeri
Since the last CMS Bulletin, the CMS Physics Analysis Groups have completed more than 70 new analyses, many of which are based on the complete Run 1 dataset. In parallel the Snowmass whitepaper on projected discovery potential of CMS for HL-LHC has been completed, while the ECFA HL-LHC future physics studies has been summarised in a report and nine published benchmark analyses. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-048.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 3/2013, pp. 15
PHYSICS / C. Hill ; G. Landsberg and L. Malgeri
In the period since the last CMS Bulletin, the LHC – and CMS – have entered LS1. During this time, CMS Physics Analysis Groups have performed more than 40 new analyses, many of which are based on the complete 8 TeV dataset delivered by the LHC in 2012 (and in some cases on the full Run 1 dataset). [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-034.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 2/2013, pp. 16
  The period since the last CMS Bulletin has been historic for CMS Physics. The pinnacle of our physics programme was an observation of a new particle – a strong candidate for a Higgs boson – which has captured worldwide interest and made a profound impact on the very field of particle physics. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2012-055.- 2012 - Published in : , no. 3/2012, pp. 17
PHYSICS / D. Acosta ; G. Dissertori ; G. Rolandi and the Physics Groups convenors
Since the last CMS Week, all physics groups have been extremely active on analyses based on the full 2010 dataset, with most aiming for a preliminary measurement in time for the winter conferences. Nearly 50 analyses were approved in a “marathon” of approval meetings during the first two weeks of March, and the total number of approved analyses reached 90 [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2011-016.- 2011 - Published in : , no. 1/2011, pp. 17
PHYSICS / the PAG conveners ; and G. Dissertori ; D. Acosta and G. Rolandi.
The delivered LHC integrated luminosity of more than 1 inverse femtobarn by summer and more than 5 by the end of 2011 has been a gold mine for the physics groups. With 2011 data, we have submitted or published 14 papers, 7 others are in collaboration-wide review, and 75 Physics Analysis Summaries have been approved already [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2011-051.- 2011 - Published in : , no. 3/2011, pp. 17
PHYSICS / Chris Hill
The months that have passed since the last CMS Bulletin have been a very busy and exciting time for CMS physics. We have gone from observing the very first 8TeV collisions produced by the LHC to collecting a dataset of the collisions that already exceeds that recorded in all of 2011 [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2012-037.- 2012 - Published in : , no. 2/2012, pp. 17
The period since the last CMS bulletin has seen the end of proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy 8 TeV, a successful proton-lead collision run at 5 TeV/nucleon, as well as a “reference” proton run at 2.76 TeV. With these final LHC Run 1 datasets in hand, CMS Physics Analysis Groups have been busy analysing these data in preparation for the winter conferences. [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2013-016.- 2013 - Published in : , no. 1/2013, pp. 16
PHYSICS / D. Acosta ; G. Dissertori ; G. Rolandi and the Physics Groups convenors
A remarkable amount of progress has been made in Physics since the last CMS Week in June given the exponential growth in the delivered LHC luminosity. The first major milestone was the delivery of a variety of results to the ICHEP international conference held in Paris this July [...]
CMSBUL-ARTICLE-2010-053.- 2010 - Published in : , no. 3/2010, pp. 16
Testing Lepton Universality Using One-prong Hadronic Tau Decays / White, J S
The branching ratios of the <math> <f> <g>t</g><sup>-</sup>&rarr; h <sup>-</sup><g>n</g><inf><g>t</g></inf>, <hsp sp="0.167"><g>t</g><sup >-</sup>&rarr; h<sup>-</sup> [...]
Geneva : CERN, 1998. - 122 p.
Search for supersymmetry in events with one lepton and multiple jets in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)=13 TeV in 2016 /CMS Collaboration
A search for supersymmetry is performed in events with a single electron or muon in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV in 2016. The data were recorded by the CMS experiment at the LHC, and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 12.9 fb$^{-1}$. [...]
CMS-PAS-SUS-16-019.- Geneva : CERN, 2016 Figure_001-a: PDF; Figure_001-b: PDF; Figure_002-a: PDF; Figure_002-b: PDF; Figure_003-a: PDF; Figure_003-b: PDF; Figure_004: PDF; Figure_005: PDF; Figure_006-a: PDF; Figure_006-b: PDF; Fulltext in PDF: PDF;

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