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CERN Health Insurance Scheme
Régime d'assurance maladie du CERN
/ HR Department
Changes implemented on 1 January 2011 In addition to the information provided in the Official News section of the Bulletin concerning the CHIS, the following changes are in place since 1 January 2011. Benefits The list of benefits including the ceilings will remain initially unchanged while the CHIS Board prepares proposals to the Director-General, who has been authorized by the Council to take timely measures to limit the increase of the CHIS expenses, by encouraging the use of health care providers and treatments which provide the best quality-to-cost ratio [...]
BUL-GI-2011-004.- 2011 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 05/2011 06/2011
CERN Health Insurance Scheme - changes on 1 January 2011
Régime d'assurance maladie du CERN - modifications au 1er janvier 2011
/ HR Department
Changes decided by the Council on 16 December 2010 Following the five-yearly review of financial and social conditions, which included the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS), the CERN Council has taken certain decisions which affect both active and retired staff. In order to restore the financial equilibrium of the CHIS, the level of contributions will increase progressively over the next five years. [...]
BUL-ON-2011-002.- 2011 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 03/2011 04/2011
Temporary new opening hours for Gate C
Changement temporaire des heures d’ouverture de la porte C
/ GS Department
Please note the new temporary opening hours for the gate C as from 22 September 2010 until 29 October 2010 (working days): Morning: between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m [...]
BUL-GI-2010-066.- 2010 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 39/2010 40/2010 41/2010
E-mail to SMS service change
Changement du service «email to sms»
/ IT Department
If you have a CERN e-mail account, you have probably already used one of the popular services that CERN’s IT Department offers to CERN users: the mail2SMS service. It allows any CERN e-mail account holder to send short messages (SMS) free of charge to CERN GSM phone numbers [...]
BUL-GI-2010-004.- 2010 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 03/2010 04/2010 05/2010
Un nouveau partenaire… Savoie Cheminées dépositaire des cheminées Brisach, vous invite à visiter ses 300 m2 d’exposition à Ville-la-Grand tout en vous offrant ses services pour l'installation de ses poêles à bois, ses cheminées et foyers, pour lesquels vous pourrez bénéficier de remises substantielles à savoir : –10% sur les foyers et –15% sur l’habillage de cheminées. * * * * * Point S élargit ses offres pour nos sociétaires [...]
BUL-SA-2009-076.- - Published in : CERN Bulletin 49/2009 50/2009
France at CERN – Industrial exhibition
La France au CERN – Exposition industrielle
/ FP Department
Industrial Exhibition Administration Building Bldg 61 – 1st Floor Tuesday 27 March: 9 a.m. – 5.30 p.m [...]
BUL-AN-2012-020.- 2012 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 10/2012 11/2012
CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) Monthly Contributions – Changes for 2014
Cotisations mensuelles au Régime d’assurance maladie du CERN (CHIS) – Modifications pour l’année 2014
Following the 2010 five-yearly review of financial and social conditions, which included the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS), the CERN Council decided in December 2010 to progressively increase the level of contributions over the period 2011-2015.   For 2014, the contribution rate of active and retired CHIS members will be 4.7% [...]
BUL-ON-2014-006.- 2014 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 08/2014 09/2014 10/2014 11/2014
CHIS - Information concerning the health insurance of frontalier workers who are family members of a CHIS main member
CHIS - Information concernant l’assurance maladie des frontaliers qui sont ayants droits de membres du CHIS
We recently informed you that the Organization was still in discussions with the Host State authorities to clarify the situation regarding the health insurance of frontalier workers who are family members (as defined in the Staff Rules and Regulations) of a CHIS main member, and that we were hoping to arrive at a solution soon.   After extensive exchanges, we finally obtained a response a few days ago from the Swiss authorities, with which we are fully satisfied and which we can summarise as follows: 1) Frontalier workers who are currently using the CHIS as their basic health insurance can continue to do so [...]
BUL-ON-2014-029.- 2014 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 47/2014 48/2014 49/2014 50/2014
Taxation in Switzerland
Impôts en Suisse
/ HR Department
Memorandum concerning the 2009 internal taxation certificate and the 2009 income tax declaration forms issued by the Swiss cantonal tax administrations You are reminded that the Organization levies an internal tax on the financial and family benefits it pays to the members of the personnel (see Chapter V, Section 2 of the Staff Rules and Regulations) and that the members of the personnel are exempt from federal, cantonal and communal taxation on salaries and emoluments paid by CERN. I - Annual internal taxation certificate for 2009 The annual certificate of internal taxation for 2009, issued by the Finance and Procurement Department, will be available from 1st March 2010 [...]
BUL-ON-2010-013.- 2010 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 09/2010 10/2010 11/2010
Modifications to the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme
Modifications du Règlement du Régime d’Assurance maladie du CERN
/ HR Department
On the proposal of the CHIS Board, and following examination by the Standing Concertation Committee on 29 April 2010, the Director-General has approved the new Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme, which will come into effect on 1 June 2010. The Rules will shortly be available on the CHIS web site [...]
BUL-ON-2010-017.- 2010 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 22/2010 23/2010

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