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Researchers' Night: POPScience in Balexert
Nuit des chercheurs : POPScience à Balexert

Keywords: Bulletin, Life at CERN
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© 2015-2018 CERN
Researchers' Night: POPScience in Balexert
Nuit des chercheurs : POPScience à Balexert

Keywords: Bulletin, Life at CERN
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Researchers' Night: science at the shops
Nuit des chercheurs : de la science dans les rayons
/ Corinne Pralavorio
On 25 September, as part of European Researchers’ Night, CERN and POPScience joined forces to welcome the public at the Balexert shopping centre in Geneva. The Bulletin presents its gallery of photographs from the exciting and educational event [...]
BUL-NA-2015-211.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 41/2015 42/2015

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Researchers' Night 2018 at CERN
La Nuit des Chercheurs au CERN

Keywords: Events, Education, Outreach and Visits Service, Exhibitions, Meetings, Courses, Workshops, Conferences, Researchers' Night at CERN
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Science pops in Balexert
Science en fête à Balexert !
/ François Briard
From 8 to 12 September, a CERN exhibition was held in the central area of the Balexert shopping centre in Geneva. The various activities on offer attracted large crowds. [...]
BUL-NA-2015-196.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 39/2015 40/2015 Fulltext: MAX_7408-2_image - JPG; MAX_7397-2_image - JPG; MAX_7413-2_image - JPG;
Volunteers for Researchers’ Night wanted
On cherche des volontaires pour la Nuit des chercheurs
/ Katarina Anthony
Every year, on the last Friday of September, the European Researchers’ Night (see here) takes place in about 300 cities all over Europe - promoting research in engaging and fun ways for the general public. This year, CERN will be participating once again, hosting dozens of events across the Balexert shopping centre – and we’ll need YOUR help to make the celebration a success. [...]
BUL-NA-2015-172.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 34/2015 35/2015 36/2015 Fulltext: JPG;

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CMS school day 2015
Keywords: school, ecole, CMS
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© 2014-2016 CERN
Dans la Peau d'un chercheur 2014
Keywords: Cavern, School, Ecole, CMS, Life at CERN
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© 2015-2016 CERN
July 23 2015 - Public Lecture Collide@CERN Pro Helvetia
Keywords: art@cern, Life at CERN
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Researchers’ Night 2015: exploring science in movies, comics, poetry and games
Nuit des chercheurs 2015 : la science à travers le cinéma, les BD, la poésie et les jeux
/ Katarina Anthony
On Friday, 25 September, CERN will be celebrating the European Researchers’ Night with a series of events and activities at the Balexert shopping centre. From celebrity Q&A; sessions to author signings, there’s something for everyone!   The fun will kick off prior to the night itself, with a number of pre-events held throughout September [...]
BUL-NA-2015-182.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 37/2015 38/2015

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