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2019 Summer Student Lecture Programme / Bejaoui, Adriana (CERN)
Detailed Summer Student lecture programme 2019
- 2020.
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8 gestes repères pour rester en forme physiquement et mentalement durant le COVID-19. / Richard, Dolores (CERN) ; Moles, Kevin Patrice (CERN)
Brochure éditée par le département HSE durant le COVID-19
- 2020.
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8 ways to keep yourself in good physical and mental health during COVID-19 / Richard, Dolores (CERN) ; Moles, Kevin Patrice (CERN)
Brochure edited by the HSE department in the context of COVID-19
- 2020.
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Brochure RH mesures anti-isolement (Covid-19) / Krige, Sara Eleonore (CERN) ; Dolmazon, Emeline (CERN)
Brochure indiquant les diverses mesures et contacts lors d'un sentiment d'isolement, avec un besoin de soutien durant la période Covid-19..
- 2020.
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Anti-Isolation support flyer (Covid-19) / Krige, Sara Eleonore (CERN) ; Dolmazon, Emeline (CERN)
Short flyer outlining resources for anti-isolation support during COVID-19 confinement
- 2020.
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A culture shift: transforming learning at CERN / Fiascaris, Maria (CERN) ; Eastwood-Barzdo, Elizabeth Louise (CERN) ; Kwiatek, Michal (CERN)
To accomplish its mission, the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN, Switzerland) is committed to the continuous development of its personnel through a systematic and sustained learning culture, that aims at keeping the knowledge and competences of the personnel in line with the evolving needs of the Organisation. [...]
- 2020.
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Learning and Development Preliminary Annual Report (2019) / Fiascaris, Maria (CERN)
This document is a preliminary report on the activities of the HR Learning and Development (HR-LD) group for the year 2019 [...]
- 2020.
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Learning and Development Annual Report (2018): Findings and Trends / Fiascaris, Maria (CERN)
This document reports on the activities of the HR Learning and Development (HR-LD) group in the year 2018, by presenting statistics on the courses and on the population that participated to the HR-LD learning events. [...]
- 2020.
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COVID19: Swiss and French cards FAQ / Cook, Anna (CERN)
FAQ for Swiss and French cards during COVID-19
- 2020.
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Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (as of 1 April 2020) / Barbin, Lucie (CERN)
Règlement du Régime d'assurance maladie du CERN (à compter du 1 avril 2020)
- 2020.
CHIS Rules 1 April 2020 - Règlement du CHIS - 1 avril 2020

HR Documents : 140 záznamov nájdených   predošlý11 - 20ďalšíkoniec  skoč na záznam:
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