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Report number CERN-STUDENTS-Note-2020-004
Title Development of Low-Cost High Precision Interferometry Equipment for Use in Schools
Author(s) Graham, Matthew James
Corporate author(s) CERN. Geneva. IR Department
Imprint 06 Jan 2020
Subject category Education and Outreach
Abstract Currently, there is no means of purchasing interferometry equipment without spending a substantial amount of money. (1) (2) This limits the ability of schools to physically demonstrate key elements of optics, relativity, quatum light effects, and gravity waves – all of which are course content in many secondary education curricula around the world (3) – which in turn reduces the understanding and interest in the subject for pupils. This issue could be resolved if an easy-to-use low-cost experiment kit would be available. The development and testing of such a set up has been the major objective of the internship. With the advent of accessible additive manufacturing facilities, it was designed with 3D-printed optical mounts that can utilise common optics and laser components in the interferometer. This has reduced the cost of the entire experiment to under €50. In order to make this project engaging and to demonstrate the usefulness of the device, they were designed to be used with a specific experiment: a Michelson interferometer with a laser microphone experiment. This set up not only demonstrates the physics principles and versatility of the tools but also gives knowledge on electronics and data logging, further adding to their classroom use.
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 ჩანაწერი შექმნილია 2020-01-06, ბოლოს შესწორებულია 2020-01-06

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