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Report number DIRAC-Note-2015-03
Title Production rates for $\pi^+K^-, \pi^-K^+$ and $\pi^+\pi^-$ atoms in $p$-Ni interactions at proton momentum 24 and 450 GeV/c
Author(s) Gorchakov, O ; Nemenov, L
Imprint 29 May 2015. - 33 p.
Subject category Nuclear Physics - Experiment
Accelerator/Facility, Experiment CERN PS ; DIRAC PS212
Abstract The results of performed analysis show that the yield of π+ K− , K+ π− and π+ π− atoms in the p-nucleus interactions increases significantly at change of proton momentum Pp from 24 up to 450 GeV/c. The yield of these dimesoatoms at Pp = 450 GeV/c and θ lab = 4◦ is more than on the order of magnitude more than the one at DIRAC experiment conditions: Pp = 24 GeV/c and θ lab = 5.7◦ . The large yield of dimesoatoms allows to improve their lifetime measuremen t and to investigate long-lived π+ π− atoms significantly.


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