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Report number sLHC-Project-Note-0035 ; CERN-sLHC-Project-Note-0035
Title Transverse Emittance reconstruction in presence of space charge and application to the 50 MeV beam of Linac4
Author(s) Garcia Tudela, M ; Lombardi, A ; Posocco, P A
Submitted by on 23 Jun 2011
Subject category Accelerators and Storage Rings
sLHC activity Linac4
Free keywords Linac4 ; 50 MeV
Abstract During the commissioning stage of Linac4 a test bench is planned to be used in order to characterize the 50 MeV beam after the DTL. Among other parameters, it will be possible to measure the transverse emittance using both the 3 monitors and the quadrupole scan method. As the space charge effects are not negligible at this energy, classical techniques of emittance reconstruction become questionable and a different approach based on recursive beam dynamics simulations must be applied.

 ჩანაწერი შექმნილია 2011-07-14, ბოლოს შესწორებულია 2015-01-15

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