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3.5 TeV : a good start!

To the pessimists out there, the 3.5 TeV starting energy of the LHC will be like a half-empty glass. However, the thousands of physicists working at the experiments certainly do not share these feelings. On the contrary, they are as excited as ever since they will be the first to observe what happens to matter in these (still) unprecedented conditions. >>

CERN and space science

The connection between CERN and space is tangible this week, as former CERN Fellow and ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang begins the second week of his mission on space shuttle flight STS-128. >>

Sprucing up the site

From the Globe to restaurants and meeting rooms, feverish activity is under way on both of the CERN sites to replace old equipment, carry out maitenance on existing facilities and buildings and increase their energy efficiency. >>

Where science and art collide

Over the years CERN has inspired artists, it has been the setting for novels and films, it has hosted its own music and film festivals and even theatre productions. Being here is certainly inspirational, both for permanent staff and visitors alike. But there is no official framework to foster CERN’s cultural side. Ariane Koek hopes to change that by setting up a cultural policy for CERN, linking the imagination of scientists with that of artists. >>

AMS gets lift on space shuttle Discovery

AMS-02, the CERN-recognized experiment that will seek dark matter, missing matter and antimatter in Space aboard the International Space Station (ISS), has recently got the green light to be part of the STS-134 NASA mission in 2010. >>

The latest from the LHC

On 26 August, the first two fully tested crates for the new quench protection system (QPS) were installed in Sector 1-2. >>

CERN celebrates André Martin’s 80th birthday

André Martin, pictured at the ceremony held in honour of his 80th birthday. On 27 August 2009 CERN’s Main Auditorium was the venue for a celebration in honour of André Martin’s 80th birthday. >>

Open Day at the World Trade Organization

On Sunday 6 September, the World Trade Organization will open its doors to the public. Throughout the day there will be guided tours of the building, which will reveal the many works of art donated by... >>

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