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n_TOF Conference Contributions

Derniers ajouts:
Measurement of the 235 U(n,f) cross section at n_TOF from thermal to 170 keV / Amaducci, Simone ; Amaducci, S ; Aberle, O ; Andrzejewski, J ; Audouin, L ; Bacak, M ; Balibrea, J ; Barbagallo, M ; Bečvář, F ; Berthoumieux, E et al.
The $^{235}$U(n,f) cross section plays a key role for nuclear physics due to its widespread use as a standard reference for neutron cross section measurements and for neutron flux measurements. Recent experimental data of the fission cross section have suggested the presence of discrepancies around 6–8% with respect to the most used libraries, precisely in the range between 10 keV and 30 keV. [...]
2020 - 9 p. - Published in : Int. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser. 50 (2020) 2060011 Fulltext: PDF; External link: fulltext from publisher
In : The 2019 International Conference on Applications of Nuclear Techniques, Rithymna Beach, Crete, Greece, 9 - 15 Jun 2019

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A Proton Recoil Telescope for the characterisation of the neutron beam at n_TOF / n_TOF Collaboration
The neutron induced fission cross section of $^{235}$U is extensively used as a reference for neutron fluence measurements in various applications. At intermediate energies, the $^{235}$U(n,f) cross section plays an important role also for fundamental nuclear physics. [...]
Società Italiana di Fisica, 2019 - 4 p. - Published in : Nuovo Cimento C 42 (2019) 142 Fulltext: PDF;
In : European Nuclear Physics Conference 2018, Bologna, Italy, 2 - 7 Sep 2018, pp.142

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$^{155}, ^{157}$Gd neutron capture cross sections measured at n_TOF (CERN) / Mastromarco, M (INFN, Bologna) ; Castelluccio, D M (ENEA, Bologna) ; Clai, G (ENEA, Bologna) ; Manna, A (INFN, Bologna) ; Massimi, C (INFN, Bologna) ; Rocchi, F (ENEA, Bologna) /n_TOF Collaboration
The accurate knowledge of the neutron capture cross sections of  $^{155}$Gd and $^{157}$Gd plays an important in many fields of science. Despite of its importance, only few experimental data are available on these two isotopes in the low energy region. [...]
Società Italiana di Fisica, 2019 - 4 p. - Published in : Nuovo Cimento C 42 (2019) 136 Fulltext: PDF;
In : European Nuclear Physics Conference 2018, Bologna, Italy, 2 - 7 Sep 2018, pp.136

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Status and perspectives of the neutron time-of-flight facility n_TOF at CERN / Mingrone, F (CERN) ; Massimi, C (Bologna U.) /n_TOF Collaboration
The neutron time-of-flight facility of CERN, called n_TOF, started its operation in 2001, and since then it plays a major role in the field of neutron cross-section measurements. The two beam-lines available provide an excellent combination of good energy resolution and high instantaneous neutron flux, combining the time-of-flight method with a powerful neutron spallation source. [...]
Italian Physical Society, 2019 - 4 p. - Published in : Nuovo Cimento C 42 (2019) 64 Fulltext: PDF;
In : European Nuclear Physics Conference 2018, Bologna, Italy, 2 - 7 Sep 2018, pp.64

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n + $^7$Be Cross-Sections of Astrophysical Interest at the CERN n_TOF Facility / Mastromarco, Mario (CERN ; Manchester U.) ; Damone, Lucia Anna (INFN, Bari ; Bari U.) ; Barbagallo, Massimo (CERN ; INFN, Bari) /n_TOF Collaboration
One of the possible explanations of the so-called Cosmological Lithium Problem (CLIP), i.e., the large overestimate of the primordial$^7$Li abundance by the standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis theory (BBN), is related to an incorrect underestimation of the 7 Be destruction rate by neutron-induced reactions. To verify this possibility, the n + $^7$Be reactions have been investigated at n_TOF (CERN) in a wide neutron energy range, taking advantage of the new high-flux experimental area (EAR2) and specifically developed experimental setups. [...]
MDPI, 2019 - 9 p. - Published in : MDPI Proc. 13 (2019) 12 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 7th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics, Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 4 - 12 Jul 2018, pp.12

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The ENUBET ERC project for an instrumented decay tunnel for future neutrino beams / Parozzi, E (INFN, Milan Bicocca ; Milan Bicocca U.) ; Acerbi, F (TIFPA-INFN, Trento ; Fond. Bruno Kessler, Trento) ; Ballerini, G (INFN, Milan Bicocca ; Insubria U., Como) ; Bonesini, M (INFN, Milan Bicocca) ; Branca, A (INFN, Padua ; Padua U.) ; Brizzolari, C (INFN, Milan Bicocca ; Insubria U., Como) ; Brunetti, G (INFN, Padua) ; Calviani, M (CERN) ; Carturan, S (INFN, Padua ; Padua U.) ; Catanesi, M G (INFN, Bari) et al. /ENUBET
The ENUBET ERC project (2016–2021) is studying a narrow band neutrino beam where lepton production can be monitored at single particle level. For this purpose, the decay tunnel is instrumented with longitudinally segmented calorimeters. [...]
Elsevier, 2020 - 4 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 958 (2020) 162162
In : 15th Vienna Conference on Instrumentation, Vienna, Austria, 18 - 22 Feb 2019, pp.162162

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Status of the TORCH time-of-flight project / Harnew, N. (Oxford U.) ; Bhasin, S. (Bristol U. ; Bath U.) ; Blake, T. (Warwick U.) ; Brook, N.H. (Bath U.) ; Conneely, T. (Unlisted, UK) ; Cussans, D. (Bristol U.) ; van Dijk, M. (CERN) ; Forty, R. (CERN) ; Frei, C. (CERN) ; Gabriel, E.P.M. (Edinburgh U.) et al.
TORCH is a time-of-flight detector, designed to provide charged $\pi/K$ particle identification up to a momentum of 10 GeV/c for a 10 m flight path. To achieve this level of performance, a time resolution of 15 ps per incident particle is required. [...]
arXiv:1812.09773.- 2020-02-01 - 4 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Meth., A 952 (2020) 161692 Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from Publisher: PDF; Fulltext from publisher: PDF;
In : 10th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors, Moscow, Russia, 29 Jul - 4 Aug 2018

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Review and new concepts for neutron-capture measurements of astrophysical interest / n_TOF Collaboration
The idea of slow-neutron capture nucleosynthesis formulated in 1957 triggered a tremendous experimental effort in different laboratories worldwide to measure the relevant nuclear physics input quantities, namely ($n,\gamma$) cross sections over the stellar temperature range (from few eV up to several hundred keV) for most of the isotopes involved from Fe up to Bi. A brief historical review focused on total energy detectors will be presented to illustrate how, advances in instrumentation have led, over the years, to the assessment and discovery of many new aspects of $s$-process nucleosynthesis and to the progressive refinement of theoretical models of stellar evolution. [...]
arXiv:1911.06972.- 2020-10-22 - 6 p. - Published in : J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 1668 (2020) 012027 Fulltext: PDF; Fulltext from publisher: PDF;
In : 9th Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics, Frankfurt, Germany, 15 - 20 Sep 2019, pp.012027

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Measurement of the radiative capture cross section of the s-process branching points $^{204}$Tl and $^{171}$Tm at the n_TOF facility (CERN) / Casanovas, A (Barcelona, Polytechnic U.) ; Domingo-Pardo, C (Valencia U., IFIC) ; Guerrero, C (Seville U.) ; Lerendegui-Marco, J (Seville U.) ; Calviño, F (Barcelona, Polytechnic U.) ; Tarifeño-Saldivia, A (Barcelona, Polytechnic U.) ; Dressler, R (PSI, Villigen) ; Heinitz, S (PSI, Villigen) ; Kivel, N (PSI, Villigen) ; Quesada, J M (Seville U.) et al.
The neutron capture cross section of some unstable nuclei is especially relevant for s-process nucleosynthesis studies. This magnitude is crucial to determine the local abundance pattern, which can yield valuable information of the s-process stellar environment. [...]
2018 - 5 p. - Published in : EPJ Web Conf. 178 (2018) 03004 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 16th International Symposium on Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics, Shanghai, China, 18 - 22 Sep 2017, pp.03004

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$^7$Be(n,p) cross section measurement for the Cosmological Lithium Problem at the n_TOF facility at CERN / Anna, Damone Lucia (INFN, Bari) ; Colonna, N (INFN, Bari) ; Barbagallo, M (INFN, Bari ; CERN) ; Mastromarco, M (INFN, Bari) ; Andrzejewski, J (Lodz U.) ; Finocchiaro, P (INFN, LNS) ; Cosentino, L (INFN, LNS) /n_TOF
One of the most puzzling problems in Nuclear Astrophysics is the "Cosmological Lithium Problem", i.e the discrepancy between the primordial abundance of $^7$Li observed in metal poor halo stars [1], and the one predicted by Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN). One of the reactions that could have an impact on the problem is $^7$Be(n,p)$^7$Li. [...]
2018 - 5 p. - Published in : EPJ Web Conf. 184 (2018) 02004 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 9th European Summer School on Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics : Santa Tecla School, Santa Tecla, Italy, 17 - 24 Sep 2017, pp.02004

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