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A Worm Algorithm for the Lattice CP(N-1) Model / Rindlisbacher, Tobias (Zurich, ETH) ; de Forcrand, Philippe (Zurich, ETH ; CERN)
The CP(N-1) model in 2D is an interesting toy model for 4D QCD as it possesses confinement, asymptotic freedom and a non-trivial vacuum structure. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-060 ; arXiv:1703.08571.
- 7 p.
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Dark Matter "Transporting" Mechanism Explaining Positron Excesses / Kim, Doojin (CERN) ; Park, Jong-Chul (Chungnam Natl. U.) ; Shin, Seodong (Yonsei U. ; Chicago U., EFI)
We propose a novel mechanism to explain the positron excesses, which are observed by satellite-based telescopes including PAMELA and AMS-02, in dark matter (DM) scenarios. The novelty behind the proposal is that it makes direct use of DM around the Galactic Center where DM populates most densely, allowing us to avoid tensions from cosmological and astrophysical measurements. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-036; arXiv:1702.02944.- 2018-04-16 - 5 p. - Published in : JHEP 04 (2018) 093 Article from SCOAP3: PDF; Preprint: PDF;

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On the Octonionic Self Duality equations of 3-brane Instantons / Floratos, Emmanuel (Democritos Nucl. Res. Ctr. ; Athens, U. ; CERN) ; Leontaris, George K. (CERN ; Ioannina U.)
We study the octonionic selfduality equations for $p=3$-branes in the light cone gauge and we construct explicitly, instanton solutions for spherical and toroidal topologies in various flat spacetime dimensions $(D=5+1,7+1,8+1,9+1)$, extending previous results for $p=2$ membranes. [...]
CERN-TH-2017-045 ; arXiv:1702.08063.
- 15 p.
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Topics in Higgs Physics / Ellis, John (King's Coll. London ; CERN)
These lecture notes review the theoretical background to the Higgs boson, provide an introduction to its phenomenology, and describe the experimental tests that lead us to think that "beyond any reasonable doubt, it is a Higgs boson". [...]
KCL-PH-TH-2017-09 ; CERN-TH-2017-039 ; arXiv:1702.05436.
- 40 p.

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Supergravity and its Legacy / Ferrara, S. (CERN ; Frascati ; UCLA)
A personal recollection of events that preceded the construction of Supergravity and of some subsequent developments..
CERN-TH-2017-004 ; arXiv:1701.04317.
- 9 p.

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Linearized supergravity with a dynamical preferred frame / Marakulin, Arthur (Moscow, INR) ; Sibiryakov, Sergey (Moscow, INR ; CERN ; Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne)
We study supersymmetric extension of the Einstein-aether gravitational model where local Lorentz invariance is broken down to the subgroup of spatial rotations by a vacuum expectation value of a timelike vector field. [...]
CERN-TH-2016-219 ; INR-TH-2016-038 ; arXiv:1610.07805 ; CERN-TH-2016-219 ; INR-TH-2016-038.
- 2016. - 35 p.
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$SU(2)$ gauge theory with two fundamental flavours: scalar and pseudoscalar spectrum / Arthur, Rudy (Southern Denmark U., CP3-Origins ; U. Southern Denmark, Odense, DIAS) ; Drach, Vincent (CERN) ; Hietanen, Ari (Southern Denmark U., CP3-Origins ; U. Southern Denmark, Odense, DIAS) ; Pica, Claudio (Southern Denmark U., CP3-Origins ; U. Southern Denmark, Odense, DIAS) ; Sannino, Francesco (Southern Denmark U., CP3-Origins ; U. Southern Denmark, Odense, DIAS)
We investigate the scalar and pseudoscalar spectrum of the $SU(2)$ gauge theory with $N_f=2$ flavours of fermions in the fundamental representation using non perturbative lattice simulations. [...]
CERN-TH-2016-169 ; CP3-ORIGINS-2016-035 ; arXiv:1607.06654 ; CERN-TH-2016-169.
- 2016. - 18 p.
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Indefinite theta series and generalized error functions / Alexandrov, Sergei (Montpellier U.) ; Banerjee, Sibasish (IPhT, Saclay) ; Manschot, Jan (Trinity Coll., Dublin) ; Pioline, Boris (Paris U., IV ; CERN)
Theta series for lattices with indefinite signature $(n_+,n_-)$ arise in many areas of mathematics including representation theory and enumerative algebraic geometry. [...]
arXiv:1606.05495 ; L2C:16-078 ; IPHT-T16-058 ; CERN-TH-2016-142.
- 2016. - 30 p.
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Telling the spin of the di-photon resonance / Fabbrichesi, Marco (INFN, Trieste) ; Pinamonti, Michele (INFN, Trieste ; SISSA, Trieste) ; Urbano, Alfredo (CERN)
We argue that the spin of the 750 GeV resonance can be determined at the 99.7% confidence level in the di-photon channel with as few as 10 fb$^{-1}$ of luminosity. [...]
arXiv:1604.06948 ; CERN-TH-2016-091 ; CERN-TH-2016-091.
- 2016. - 21 p.
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Thoughts on heavy-ion physics in the high luminosity era: the soft sector / Antinori, Federico (INFN, Padua) ; Becattini, Francesco (Florence U. ; INFN, Florence) ; Braun-Munzinger, Peter (Darmstadt, EMMI) ; Chujo, Tatsuya (Tsukuba U.) ; Hamagaki, Hideki (Tokyo U.) ; Harris, John (Durham U.) ; Heinz, Ulrich (Ohio State U.) ; Hippolyte, Boris (Strasbourg, IPHC) ; Hirano, Tetsufumi (RIKEN BNL) ; Jacak, Barbara (SUNY, Stony Brook) et al.
This document summarizes thoughts on opportunities in the soft-QCD sector from high-energy nuclear collisions at high luminosities..
CERN-TH-2016-086 ; arXiv:1604.03310 ; CERN-TH-2016-086.
- 2016. - 19 p.
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