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Integrated stratigraphic, sedimentological and petrographical evaluation for CERN’s Future Circular Collider subsurface infrastructure (Geneva Basin, Switzerland-France) / Haas, Maximilian (CERN ; Geneva U.) ; Carraro, Davide (Geneva U.) ; Ventra, Dario (Geneva U.) ; Plötze, Michael (Zurich, ETH) ; De Haller, Antoine (Geneva U.) ; Moscariello, Andrea (Geneva U.)
AbstractThe European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is currently undertaking a feasibility study to build the next-generation particle accelerator, named the Future Circular Collider (FCC), hosted in a 90–100 km subsurface infrastructure in the Geneva Basin, extending across western Switzerland and adjacent France. This article represents a preliminary, basin-scale stratigraphic and lithotype analysis using state-of-the-art Swiss and French stratigraphic terminology, set in context with the FCC. [...]
2022 - 43 p. - Published in : Swiss Journal of Geosciences 115 (2022) 16 Fulltext: PDF;

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Field quality and surface resistance studies of a superconducting REBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O—Cu hybrid coating for the FCC beam screen / Telles, G T (Barcelona, Autonoma U.) ; Romanov, A (Barcelona, Autonoma U.) ; Calatroni, S (CERN) ; Granados, X (Barcelona, Autonoma U.) ; Puig, T (Barcelona, Autonoma U.) ; Gutierrez, J (Barcelona, Autonoma U.)
Abstract To ensure beam stability in the future circular collider study of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, RE(=Y, Gd, Eu)Ba2Cu3O 7 − x high-temperature superconductor was proposed as a low-surface impedance coating for its beam screen. Unfortunately, persistent currents in the superconductor will degrade the magnetic field homogeneity inside the beam chamber, endangering the stability of the beam trajectory. [...]
2023 - 14 p. - Published in : Supercond. Sci. Technol. 36 (2023) 045001

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Evaluation of the surface impedance of ReBCO coated conductors and requirements for their use as beam screen materials for the FCC-hh / Krkotic, Patrick
The Future Circular Hadron Collider (FCC-hh) is a proposal for a 100-kilometre-long particle accelerator with collision energy substantially higher than previous colliders to expand the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) research.
The selection of a low surface impedance beam screen coating material for [...]

CERN-THESIS-2022-281 - CORA-TDX-UPC, 2023-01-16. - 330 p.


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Potential impedance reduction by REBCO-coated conductors as beam screen coating for the Future Circular Hadron Collider / Krkotić, P (CELLS - ALBA, LLS ; Barcelona, Polytechnic U. ; CERN) ; Tagdulang, N D (CELLS - ALBA, LLS ; Barcelona, Polytechnic U.) ; Calatroni, S (CERN) ; O'Callaghan, J M (Barcelona, Polytechnic U.) ; Pont, M (CELLS - ALBA, LLS)
The Future Circular Collider study creates a conceptual design for a post-LHC particle accelerator using 16 T superconducting dipoles to achieve collision energies of up to 100 TeV in a 90 km circumference ring. A copper-coated beam screen, similar to that used in the LHC, is planned. [...]
2022 - 7 p. - Published in : EPL 140 (2022) 64001 Fulltext: PDF;

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CERN Yellow Report Front Cover Conceptual design of an experiment at the FCC-hh, a future 100 TeV hadron collider / Mangano, Michelangelo L ; Riegler, Werner (ed.)
This report summarises the study of a general purpose detector for the FCC-hh, a 100 TeV hadron collider with peak luminosity of $3 ⋅ 10^{35}$ cm$^{-2}$s${-1}$ [...]
CERN-2022-002. - 2022. - 304 p. (CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs ; 2/2022)


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The FCC-ee vacuum system, from conceptual to prototyping / Kersevan, Roberto (CERN)
The FCC-ee is a very challenging accelerator project from the point of view of vacuum. Apart from the sheer size of the machine, a twin-ring of 100 km circumference, the vacuum system design must be capable of dealing with the low-energy 45.6 GeV, high-current version of the machine (the Z-pole) as well as the higher energy, lower current versions. [...]
2022 - 9 p. - Published in : EPJ Tech. Instrum. 9 (2022) 12 Fulltext: PDF;

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Electron Bunch Seeding of the Self-Modulation Instability in Plasma / Verra, Livio
Plasma wakefield acceleration uses relativistic charged particle bunches to accelerate electron bunches to high energies [...]
CERN-THESIS-2022-188 - 176 p.

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FCC circumference studies and resulting choice of RF frequency. / Zhang, Linhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)) ; Damerau, Heiko (CERN) ; Karpov, Ivan (CERN)
As the detailed study on the project of the Future Circular Collider (FCC) progresses, the choice of the exact circumference on the basis of the proposed one 91.1 km becomes essential. [...]
- 2022. - 14 p.
Full text

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The Future Circular Collider and Physical Review Accelerators & Beams / Zimmermann, Frank (CERN)
The pro­posed in­te­grated pro­gram of the Fu­ture Cir­cu­lar Col­lider(FCC) takes a huge step be­yond LEP and LHC. The FCC con­sists, in a first stage, of an en­ergy- and lu­mi­nos­ity-fron­tier elec­tron-positron col­lider, which will op­er­ate at cen­ter-of-mass (c.m.) en­er­gies from about 90 to 365 GeV, and serve as elec­troweak fac­tory. [...]
2020 - 6 p. - Published in : 10.18429/JACoW-NAPAC2019-THAHC2 Fulltext: PDF; External link: fulltext
In : 3rd North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC), Lansing, MI, USA, 2 - 6 Sep 2019, pp.975-980

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Beam Optics Study on a Two-Stage Multibeam Klystron for the Future Circular Collider / Cai, Jinchi (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Nisa, Zaib un (CERN) ; Syratchev, Igor (CERN) ; Burt, Graeme (Lancaster U.)
The two-stage (TS) multibeam klystron (MBK) technology has recently attracted significant research attention due to its compactness and high-efficiency (HE) performance. However, there is still a lack of scientific research on the beam optics for such microwave power sources integrated with a postacceleration (PA) gap. [...]
2022 - 9 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Electron Devices 69 (2022) 4563-4571

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