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Study of alternative approaches to EFT validity (experimental truncation approach) / Gritsan, Andrei (Johns Hopkins University (US)) ; Lohwasser, Kristin (University of Sheffield (GB)) ; Berger, Nicolas (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
We present a discussion on approaches to the truncation of EFT model expansions. These are used to estimate uncertainties on the capability of EFT models to describe the data [...]
CERN-LHCEFTWG-2022-001.- Geneva : CERN, 2022 - 12. LHC EFT WG note, 12 pages: PDF;

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Truncation, validity, uncertainties / Brivio, Ilaria ; Dawson, Sally ; de Blas, Jorge ; Durieux, Gauthier ; Savard, Pierre ; Contino, Roberto ; Degrande, Céline ; Falkowski, Adam ; Goertz, Florian ; Grojean, Christophe et al.
The truncation of the standard-model effective field theory, its validity and the associated uncertainties have been discussed in meetings of the LHC EFT WG. Proposals were made by participants to address these issues. [...]
arXiv:2201.04974; CERN-LHCEFTWG-2021-002; CERN-LPCC-2022-01.- 21 - 6 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Electroweak input parameters / Brivio, Ilaria (Heidelberg U.) ; Dawson, Sally (Brookhaven) ; De Blas Mateo, Jorge (Universidad de Granada (ES)) ; Durieux, Gauthier (CERN) ; Savard, Pierre (University of Toronto (CA)) ; Denner, Ansgar (Julius Max. Universitaet Wuerzburg (DE)) ; Freitas, Ayres (Pittsbugh U.) ; Hays, Chris (University of Oxford (GB)) ; Pecjack, Ben (Durham U., IPPP) ; Vicini, Alessandro (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))
Different sets of electroweak input parameters are discussed for SMEFT predictions at the LHC. [...]
arXiv:2111.12515 ; CERN-LPCC-2021-002 ; CERN-LHCEFTWG-2021-001.
- 2021. - 7 p.
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