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Summary of the Mechanical Performances of the 1.5 m Long Models of the Nb$^3$Sn Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole MQXF / Vallone, Giorgio (LBL, Berkeley) ; Ambrosio, Giorgio (Fermilab) ; Anderssen, Eric C (LBL, Berkeley) ; Bajas, Hugo (CERN) ; Bourcey, Nicolas (CERN) ; Cheng, Daniel W (LBL, Berkeley) ; Chlachidze, Guram (Fermilab) ; Ferracin, Paolo (CERN) ; Grosclaude, Philippe (CERN) ; Guinchard, Michael (CERN) et al.
The Nb3Sn quadrupole MQXF is being developed as a part of the LHC High Luminosity upgrade. [...]
- 2019. - 5 p.

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Measurement of angular and momentum distributions of charged particles within and around jets in Pb+Pb and $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} = 5.02$ TeV with the ATLAS detector
Studies of the fragmentation of jets into charged particles in heavy-ion collisions can provide information about the mechanism of jet-quenching by the hot and dense QCD matter created in such collisions, the quark-gluon plasma. [...]
- 2019.
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Numerical exploration of three relativistic particles in a finite volume including two-particle resonances and bound states / Romero-López, Fernando (Valencia U., IFIC) ; Sharpe, Stephen R. (Washington U., Seattle) ; Blanton, Tyler D. (Washington U., Seattle) ; Briceño, Raúl A. (Jefferson Lab ; Old Dominion U.) ; Hansen, Maxwell T. (CERN)
In this work, we use an extension of the quantization condition, given in Ref. [...]
arXiv:1908.02411 ; JLAB-THY-19-3011.
- 42 p.
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Search for supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV in final states with jets and missing transverse momentum
Results are reported from a search for supersymmetric particles in the final state with multiple jets and large missing transverse momentum. [...]
CERN-EP-2019-152 ; CMS-SUS-19-006-003.
- 2019.
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Beam position monitors for antiprotons / Bossart, Rudolf
- 1978. - 44 p.
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Measurement of $\psi(2S)$ production cross-sections in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ and 13 TeV
The cross-sections of $\psi(2S)$ meson production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13~\mathrm{TeV}$ are measured with a data sample collected by the LHCb detector corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $275~p\mathrm{b}^{-1}$. [...]
CERN-EP-2019-150 ; LHCB-PAPER-2018-049.
- 2019.
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Detecting and Studying High-Energy Collider Neutrinos with FASER at the LHC / FASER Collaboration
Neutrinos are copiously produced at particle colliders, but no collider neutrino has ever been detected. [...]
arXiv:1908.02310 ; CERN-EP-2019-160 ; KYUSHU-RCAPP-2019-003 ; SLAC-PUB-17460, UCI-TR-2019-19.

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EUDAQ2 -- A Flexible Data Acquisition Software Framework for Common Test Beams / Liu, Y. (DESY) ; Amjad, M.S. (University Coll. London) ; Baesso, P. (Bristol U.) ; Cussans, D. (Bristol U.) ; Dreyling-Eschweiler, J. (DESY) ; Ete, R. (DESY) ; Gregor, I. (DESY) ; Huth, L. (DESY) ; Irles, A. (Orsay, LAL) ; Jansen, H. (DESY) et al.
The data acquisition software framework, EUDAQ, was originally developed to read out data from the EUDET-type pixel telescopes. [...]
- 13 p.

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Search for bottom-squark pair production with the ATLAS detector in final states containing Higgs bosons, $b$-jets and missing transverse momentum / ATLAS Collaboration
The result of a search for the pair production of the lightest supersymmetric partner of the bottom quark ($\tilde{b}_{1}$) using 139 fb$^{-1}$ of proton-proton data collected at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV by the ATLAS detector is reported. [...]
arXiv:1908.03122 ; CERN-EP-2019-142.
- 2019. - 47 p.
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Black Hole Binary Dynamics from the Double Copy and Effective Theory / Bern, Zvi ; Cheung, Clifford ; Roiban, Radu ; Shen, Chia-Hsien ; Solon, Mikhail P. ; Zeng, Mao
We describe a systematic framework for computing the conservative potential of a compact binary system using modern tools from scattering amplitudes and effective field theory. [...]
arXiv:1908.01493 ; CERN-TH-2019-128 ; CALT-TH 2019-026 ; UCLA/TEP/2019/103.
- 145 p.

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