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Modelling, Control and Stability Analysis of an RF Cavity in CERN LINAC4 / Andersen, Martin
This thesis set out to explore ways to optimize cavity control loops for CERN LINAC4 linear particle accelerator [...]
CERN-THESIS-2020-050 - 104 p.

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Automation of the LHC Collimator Beam-Based Alignment Procedure for Nominal Operation / Azzopardi, Gabriella
The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest particle accelerator in the world, built to accelerate and collide two counter-rotating beams [...]
CERN-THESIS-2019-356 - 204 p.

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Space Charge Modeling at the Integer Resonance for the CERN PS and SPS / Titze, Malte
In long-term tracking simulations of high-intensity beams which are typical in the CERN accelerators, the electromagnetic interaction between the individual particles can not be neglected [...]
CERN-THESIS-2019-355 - : Humboldt-University of Berlin, 2020-06-11. - 269 p.

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Development of a Hybrid Pixel Detector Based Transverse Profile Monitor for the CERN Proton Synchrotron / Levasseur, Swann
Abstract The ability to rapidly identify the source of emittance blow-up in the CERN Proton Synchrotron (PS) is crucial to ensure the good operation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and its successor the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) [...]
CERN-THESIS-2019-354 - 177 p.

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Machine learning applications for Hadron Colliders: LHC lifetime optimization / Coyle, Loic Thomas Davies
The Large Hadron Collider is a indescribably complicated system with numerous intertwined systems, each impacts in it’s own way the dynamics and stability of the protons [...]
CERN-THESIS-2018-473 - 55 p.

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A linear Framework for Orbit Correction in the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider / Andersson, Joel Daniel
In a circular accelerator the closed orbit can be viewed as the mean position of particles in a beam [...]
CERN-THESIS-2019-349 - 113 p.

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A Python Library for Longitudinal Beam Tomography / Grindheim, Christoffer Hjerto
Measuring the longitudinal phase space distribution of particle beams is needed for a myriad of purposes [...]
CERN-THESIS-2020-031 - 112 p.

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Propagation of the 50 Hz Perturbations in the Large Hadron Collider Sector Dipoles and Equivalent Model Circuit. / Intelisano, Leandro
Observations of harmonics of the mains power frequency in the beam spectrum have been observed in the past in several accelerators [...]
CERN-THESIS-2020-026 - 94 p.

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A Nonlinear Future - Measurements and corrections of nonlinear beam dynamics using forced transverse oscillations / Carlier, Felix Simon
CERN-THESIS-2020-025 - 238 p.

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Simulation of Synchrotron Radiation for the CERN Highest-Energy Accelerators / Guillermo Canton, Gerardo
In circular accelerators at energies in the order of TeV, synchrotron radiation (SR) is very high, even in a hadron beam [...]
CERN-THESIS-2018-468 - 159 p.

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