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Techniques to seed the self-modulation instability of a long proton bunch in plasma / Verra, L. (CERN) ; Della Porta, G. Zevi (CERN ; Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Gschwendtner, E. (CERN) ; Bergamaschi, M. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.) ; Muggli, P. (Munich, Max Planck Inst.)
The Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) at CERN relies on the seeded Self-Modulation (SM) of a long relativistic proton bunch in plasma to accelerate an externally injected MeV witness electron bunch to GeV energies. [...]
- 4 p.

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Commissioning of the LHC Injectors Upgrade fast wire scanners and first experimental results / Di Carlo, S (CERN) ; Emery, J (CERN) ; Andreazza, W (CERN) ; Belohrad, D (CERN) ; Esteban Felipe, J C (CERN) ; Goldblatt, A (CERN) ; Gudkov, D (CERN) ; Guerrero, A (CERN) ; Jackson, S (CERN) ; Lacarrere, G O (CERN) et al.
The LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) program included new fast beam wire scanners (BWS) to meet the requirements of the higher brightness and intensity High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) beams. Seventeen LIU BWS have been installed during the LHC second long shutdown (LS2) and they are currently used in the daily operations of the LHC injectors. [...]
2023 - 14 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 1053 (2023) 168328

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Superconducting Curved Canted–Cosine–Theta (CCT) for the HIE-ISOLDE Recoil Separator Ring at CERN / Kirby, G (CERN) ; Rodin, V (Liverpool U.) ; Kirby, O (Exeter U.) ; Foussat, A (CERN) ; Resta-Lopez, J (Valencia U.) ; Martel, I (Huelva U.) ; Welsch, C (Liverpool U.)
The ISOLDE facility at CERN delivers the largest range of low-energy radioactive beams, exploited by several detector systems to investigate nuclear properties from the stable isotopes to the very exotic systems close to the neutron or proton drip lines. These studies can largely benefit from the use of a high-resolution fragment separator. [...]
2022 - 5 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 32 (2022) 4004105
In : 27th International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT-27), Fukuoka, Japan, 15 - 19 Nov 2021, pp.4004105

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HL-LHC Crab Cavity Field Regulation and Resulting RF Noise Spectrum / Baudrenghien, Philippe (CERN) ; Mastoridis, Themistoklis (California Polytechnic State Univ. (US))
The HL-LHC Low Level RF (LLRF) must fulfill three requirements: it must reduce the cavity impedance at the fundamental below the instability threshold, it must regulate the crab cavity voltage precisely (amplitude and phase), and it must provide a cavity field with a spectral purity resulting in negligible degradation of the integrated luminosity due to transverse emittance growth. [...]
- 2023.
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Development of the Self-Modulation Instability of a Relativistic Proton Bunch in Plasma / AWAKE Collaboration
Self-modulation is a beam-plasma instability that is useful to drive large-amplitude wakefields with bunches much longer than the plasma skin depth. [...]

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Introduction to beam optics / Autin, B
CERN-PS-84-18-AA; CERN-PS-84-18-AA.- Geneva : CERN, 1984 - 25 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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The proposed beam optics for the CLIC test facility and the instrumentation lay-out / Riche, A J ; CERN, PS
CERN-PS-LP-CTF-Note-90-29; CERN-PS-LP-CTF-Note-90-29.- Geneva : CERN, 1990 - 23 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Exploratory Study on High-Efficiency High-Power W-Band Klystron Based on Kladistron Technology / Cai, J C (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Su, Z X (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Peauger, F (CERN) ; Xu, J (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Burt, G (Lancaster U. (main)) ; Yue, L N (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Yin, H R (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Zhao, G Q (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Xiang, W W (UESTC, Chengdu) ; Wei, Y Y (UESTC, Chengdu)
To achieve tens of kilowatt (kW) output power, ${W}$ -band klystron usually employs a large beam tunnel to accommodate high current. The deteriorated effective impedance of the cavity could be reenhanced by adopting extended interaction (EI) cavities. [...]
2023 - 6 p. - Published in : IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 51 (2023) 386-391

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Frequency scanning interferometry based deformation monitoring system for the alignment of the FCC-ee machine detector interface / Watrelot, Léonard (CERN) ; Sosin, Mateusz (CERN) ; Durand, Stéphane (Unlisted, FR)
In a particle accelerator, two particle beams are accelerated and collided at one or several physics detectors. The machine detector interface (MDI) is the place where the accelerator ring is linked to the physics detector. [...]
2023 - 9 p. - Published in : Meas. Sci. Technol. 34 (2023) 075006 Fulltext: PDF;

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Wakefields of the FCC-ee collimation system / Behtouei, M. (Frascati) ; Carideo, E. (U. Rome La Sapienza (main) ; CERN) ; Zobov, M. (Frascati) ; Migliorati, M. (U. Rome La Sapienza (main) ; INFN, Rome)
The purpose of this paper is to calculate the longitudinal and transverse wakefields of the FCC collimators by using the electromagnetic codes ECHO3D and IW2D. [...]
- 12 p.

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